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Why Have The Perfect Glassware For Your Restaurant?

If you have a food service business, only then you can understand the importance of having the right types of equipment and appliances. Whether you own a cafe, bar or a restaurant, you will need appliances and equipment as per the theme and style of your business to save labor & energy costs. While many basic restaurants do not care or even pay attention to the type and quality of glassware used. There are some other high-end food service businesses who pay much attention to details and bring in the right cutlery and crockery. This can increase the overall profit of your business.

For a restaurant which wants to increase its revenue, having the perfect glassware to match your restaurant’s theme is just as important as the menu itself. Having the perfect Glassware is an important element for your food service. The pieces of glassware you choose can emphasize your image in a positive way. If you’re looking to source high-quality & stylish glassware or any other supplies, VEGA Direct is a one-stop destination which  provides hospitality supplies for Restaurants, Hotels and Catering Companies

It can be tricky to figure out how many glasses you might need to buy for your food service business. The volume might vary depending on the size and capacity of your restaurant. Always consider these factors before ordering glassware.

  • Cleaning speed of your dishwasher
  • The time gap between washing a glass before using it again
  • The volume and capacity of your business.

There are many customers who value presentation as much as they value delicious food. You may pour the best wine, but it needs the right glass to release its wonderful aroma. Here are some commercial glassware to make use of in your food service business –

  • Wine Glasses

There are many different unique wine glasses, but most of them are grouped into two categories: red or white wine glasses.

Red wine glasses are mostly taller and have a bigger bowl compared to white wine glasses.  The reason red wine glasses have bigger bowl is because the wider opening of the glass allows red wine to oxidize making its taste pleasant and sweet.

Different types of Wine Glasses

  • Standard red wine glass – These are standard glasses with full-size bowls used for wines in the likes of Cabernet and Merlot.
  • Shiraz glass – it is the tallest of all the red wine glasses and is shaped to deliver the classic Syrah aromas of toast and black olives.
  • White Burgundy glass – These wine glasses are short with a wide bowl. The small wide bowl in white wine glasses helps protect the delicate white wines against oxidation.
  • Cocktail Glasses

There is no denying of the fact that the beautiful inverted-cone-shaped glass is recognized as higher quality glass. There is a great range of glassware, like the highball glass or the martini which are considered classic and have been used with certain mocktails & cocktails for decades.

  • Beer Glasses

Beer is quite simple to serve and mostly requires mugs or Cylindrical wide-mouthed glasses. Choose a glass with a wide mouth which is designed to hold the frothy brew

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