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Wholesale spinners: suppliers to buy and resell

The spinners are toys that most successful since the Tamagotchi virtual pets or. All children, teenagers and some adults are excited to have one and their sales have skyrocketed as had not happened with other toys before, which has caught the attention of sellers.

The first spinner was devised by the engineer Catherine Hettinger in 1997, but in 2005 the patent expired. Naturally, the fame of this millennial product was born on the Internet: “It seems crazy. It’s the most popular toy in recent years and has no patent,

How are spinners used and what are they used for?
This contraption consists of a metal structure with plastic handles that rotate on an axis that swings according to the weight, speed, and pressure that the user exerts when pressing the center of the toy. But the main attraction of these toys is that they are small (pocket size) and quite light.

Its function is to relieve the stress of people, usually children over six years, who also keeps busy and with their hands busy. They are used very simply: they are held with the middle and thumb of one hand and rotated with the rest or with the other hand. Once they start spinning, you should try to keep them spinning, pushing them with the pressure exerted in the center.

Why is it profitable to buy spinners to resell?
At this precise moment, it is quite profitable for two reasons: they are toys and they are fashionable. Toys are products that provide a lot of profit because every time a new one is released, the children convince their parents to buy them, if not before they have done it voluntarily to please them.

On the other hand, being fashionable is also an advantage because everything that is fashionable produces profits in a consumer environment; In addition, being a very popular product on the Internet, there are millions of sales per day through this medium.

It is a fact that spinners transformed the toy trade over the Internet and we know an anecdote that reflects it. Ryan Weaver is a man who was fired at his 26-year-old oil rig where he worked until last year. This happened at the worst financial moment he had ever experienced in his life since he owed $ 160,000 for studies.

Because of his wife, a special education teacher, asked him to order some spinners for his class through Amazon, Weaver had the idea of buying them for resale. Today, it sells between 500 and 1000 a day at a price of $ 17.95 per piece.

Not only has he already paid off his debt to the university, but he affirms that “every time I replace the inventory, it is sold in just seconds”. The trend of the spinners was not only beneficial for Weaver, but for the department stores, which have included this product in their stock.

Where do I buy wholesale spinners to resell?
There are several online sites where you can get them. Next, we tell you where to look first and why. Take note!

It is part of Alibaba, the largest trade website in China, or the Amazon equivalent in that region. On Aliexpress you can buy almost anything and at the best prices from all over the Internet because that is where the wholesalers of the main Chinese factories of mass products are.

By average, a spinner on this site can cost between $ 0.50 and $ 1.50, and the best thing is that any item you buy on this platform includes free shipping (although in some cases it can take up to a month to arrive).

Those who sell on Amazon, surely, were supplied by Chinese factories, so it should be your second choice to search. In these virtual stores, you will also find a wide variety of models of anti-stress devices but at slightly higher prices.

It is a virtual store where you can get enough products, especially if they are fashionable, as is the case of spinners. There is a lot of variety and inventory, also has the advantage that if there is no stock available, it is not published, so do not waste time evaluating products that do not have.

eBay and the free market.
They are the most popular buying and selling sites on the web. In them, you can get a lot of virtual stores that sell spinners, but they also work with higher prices, so it’s just another alternative, in case you can not contact the Chinese manufacturers and suppliers directly.

Beware of the quality of the products
When buying wholesale spinner you need to worry a lot about the quality of the product. This, in reality, needs to be your first and main concern.

Well, there are many cases on the Internet of children who injured their finger spinners that were not manufactured carefully. So you need to evaluate if the product does not cause any kind of risk to the children (who are the ones who use them).

Invest in rare spinners!

In addition to being an anti-stress toy, it is also an article for collectors. Is serious! Children do not want just to have a model or the traditional model, they want the most exotic and unusual ones possible.

There are spinners of all kinds, from led to caricatures and stylized in different colors and totally different styles.

Our advice is to look for suppliers of all kinds, so you can find the rarest and innovative products you can find! This is going to be fundamental for your business and will attract a lot of attention from people.

If you have a large stock and with varied options, you will be able to serve a greater number of people, for sure! Remember this suggestion because it will make the difference for your business.

Final words …
Thanks to its diffusion on YouTube and Instagram, spinners have become the most popular toy of the last five years, a boom similar to the one that had the selfie-sticks at the time. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy them from the major and resell them, there will not be another golden moment to do it but right now.

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