It’s 2019 and we are seeing printing coming back into business in the digital age. It is especially beneficial to small businesses who want to market their products and services locally. Just like online methods create awareness about businesses, catchy slogans and graphics captivate audiences.

Marketing experts state that the more your target audience comes in contact with your ads the more your business gets deeply etched into their minds. Local businesses market themselves mostly by word of mouth. Get people talking about you to boost your business.

Here is how print marketing helps.

  1. Flyers

Small companies had stopped handing out fliers after digital marketing took the world by storm. Online marketing proved to be cheaper too. But now small businesses are taking up the practice of printing flyers again. Sydney Thompson from Sherwooduniversal.co.uk says that a well-designed flyer is a great way to make your business stand out. A good flyer has useful information, an organized layout, and a relevant image. Handheld information is better than online information that is easy to ignore. With handheld information, people take the time to look at it, especially if it has eye-catching graphics.

  1. Business cards

Business cards represent you and your company in print. You must always have these handy lest you see some opportunity for your business. Place these in areas where your customers would pick them up. Business cards remind your customers about you and make it easier for them to contact you.

  1. Banners

These are huge printed vinyl sheets which have information about your business. They are visible from a distance. If you have eye-catching graphics and slogans on vinyl banners, you will definitely get customers. You can place these banners outside other shops and in places where your competitors haven’t made it yet. Strategically placing banners where your target audience can see them will help you increase your business outreach.

  1. Calendars

Calendars are a form of extra incentives for your esteemed and long term customers. Customize these calendars with your slogans and creatives to retain your customers and add a personal touch. You can also give out extra information with these. For example, if you have an event planned or a special sale coming up, you can mark them in the calendar.

  1. Brochures

Brochures are perhaps the most informative prints that you can invest in. Show off your creativity and customize these just the way you want. The information that you give out in these brochures is more readable and exciting when teamed up with creative graphics. You can also give yourself an edge over your competitors with these brochures.

Advertising with prints was the norm before the internet and it is picking up again. It is especially beneficial if you have a local clientele. Putting up huge boards along the highway with permissions gives you more visibility and retention with potential clients. Even companies which were relying solely on digital marketing can do better if they switch a part of their budget into printed promotional materials.

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