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Unforgettable Technological Inventions of All Time

Technology has brought about a lot of advantages to our lives. In actual fact, technology has managed to make our lives so much easier as we are able to complete certain tasks quickly now. So, technology goes beyond the ability to play best australian online pokies on your phone, or the ability to make video conference calls on our laptops.

In the section below, we are going to give you the unforgettable technological inventions of all time. Enjoy!


This technology was introduced to the world in the 70s by Sony, and it allowed for the creation of e-books. Of course, nowadays, the popularity of e-readers is going down, but there is still a huge chunk of people using this technology.

3D Printing

This is definitely one of the unforgettable inventions of all time. 3D printing is mainly used when low-cost car parts are manufactured, as well as bridges, and other things. This technology was introduced to the world back in the 80s, and over the years, it has been revamped and now looks so much better, all thanks to improvements in technology.

Modern Artificial Pancreas

The modern artificial pancreas was released back in the 70s. This technology is used when treating type 1 diabetes. Back in the seventies when it was introduced, the official pancreas was way too big, as big as a filing cabinet. However, as technology improved, so did the artificial pancreas. Now, it is very portable and you will find that various versions of it have been created.

Augmented Reality

Over the years, since the introduction of this technology, a lot of industries have adopted this technology. These industries include education, healthcare, fashion, travel, as well as other industries like casinos, visit toponlinecasinos online casino for more information.

The way augmented reality works is that digital graphics are somehow converted into live footage. That way, information is able to be transported in real-time. There have been a lot of improvements over the years and now, the technology has just become even more popular.

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