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Top Reasons to Change Your Child Support Order

Family court judges hear dozens of child support and custody cases every week. During the case, the judge will work with both parents to determine who should have the primary support of the child and how much the noncustodial parent should pay. This often varies based on the number of children involved and the income of the noncustodial parent. There are many different reasons why you might need to change your support order.

Your Job Changes Any changes to your job or income may result in you petitioning the court for a reduction in your child support order. If you suddenly lose your job, you have the right to ask the judge to halt the payments until you get a new one. You can also ask the court to reduce your payments because you recently accepted a new job that pays less.

If you do not talk to the judge, child support enforcement will continue taking payments out of each check. Adoption Factors You should also petition the court if your spouse remarries and the new spouse wants to adopt your child. This often occurs in cases where the noncustodial parent has little contact with the child.

Your former spouse or partner might move to the opposite side of the country and refuse to let you see or talk to that child. Though you have the legal right to contest the adoption, the court will not require that you make support payments if another person adopts your child. You Gain Custody If the custody agreement between you and your child’s parent changes, you can request changes to your support order.

You might change the agreement and have your child more often than you did before. The judge can change the order to reflect the amount of time the child spends with his or her other parent. You’ll also want to request a support change if you gain full custody of your child. With the help of a child support Pasco county specialist, you can reduce the amount that you pay in child support with every paycheck.

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