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Top Features of Portable Traffic Signs

Portable traffic signs are a simple way to safely control traffic during a lane or bridge closure, an emergency re-route, or special event. Because of their digital construction, many features can be customized to your specific needs. Here are some essential features available in most portable traffic signs.

Pedestrian Signal System

Beyond helping with the flow of automobile traffic, in many cases it is important to be able to include directions for pedestrians, usually the simple and universal symbols for “walk” and “don’t walk.” These signal systems can be integrated into a trailer-mounted portable traffic signal, or be on a stand-alone cart.

Work Zone Flood Lights

In construction zones, or accident sites that will require longer-term traffic redirection, work zone flood lights are a simple way to increase safety. A flood light can be powered by 12 volts of direct current and mounted onto the portable traffic signal trailer.

Wireless Interface

A wireless interface system is a feature that allows seamless integration into the already-installed standard street corner controller. This can be setup very quickly, typically within a half hour, and it provides temporary signal substitution in case of a reconfiguration or relocation of traffic patterns, or a knockdown of the permanent light.

Traffic Actuation

There are two ways portable traffic signs can detect vehicles. With Doppler radar detection, a unit can be made aware of approaching videos by keying in on their audio signals to determine their distance. With video detection, a camera is mounted and configured with a laptop to monitor the true presence of vehicles.


RMS (or Remote Monitoring System) can keep an authorized person up-to-date on the diagnostic functions of portable traffic signs such as battery voltage.

Thanks to their easily-installed components and intuitive features, portable traffic signs are an excellent way to maintain safety when a permanent fixture is damaged or unable to be used.

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