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Top 10 New Business Idea for Italy 2018

Top 10 New Business Idea for Italy 2018

What are the opportunities that those who want to start their own business should not miss? Even in 2018, the desire to create something for your future will not be outdone and, if you’re finished here, it’s because you’re actively looking around.

Of course, the risks that you run today are greater than once, but opening your own business can be a good option if you’re tired of the fixed place and you want to take your life into your own hands. Today I’m talking about some winning and innovative business ideas.
he activities that I will describe in this article exist and have achieved good success, allowing those who have put in place to make money and fortune. They will therefore be able to inspire you and encourage you to continue to advance in this long race.

What should you do in 2018? It’s very difficult to say it on two feet: what I’m sure, however, is that with the right planning you can find the right ideas from reading My Business posts .
First of all, let’s debunk a myth: the entrepreneur is not only the person who physically owns a structure; but he is the one who owns a business in any field.

This means that this activity may not exist in reality but exist only in the virtual world, for example on the web.

So let’s see what ideas we can give to those looking for a new idea to make a success!

1. Private Mail
The postal services sector is in turmoil thanks to the deregulation initiated in 2018. Many other players have joined Post Italian, among the,m there is Private National Mail which boasts 80 offices throughout the national territory.
This is a limited investment opportunity: the amount required to start ranges between 3,000 and 8,000 euros and no further royalties are required.

National Private Mail poses the following requirements :

VAT number opening;
making available a shop of at least 30 square meters to be rented or owned. The opening of business in a municipality of at least 8 thousand inhabitants.
In addition to postal mailing, registered mail, and parcel services, with National Private Mail you can earn through other products such as payment of bills and utilities, activation of new light, gas and telephony contracts, financial services (financing and insurance) and money transfer services.

It is a good opportunity for those who have never managed their own business and want to start with a reduced investment, relying on a consolidated network.

For more information you must leave the contact details on the official website: the company staff will proceed to the next contact to illustrate the details of the business perspective.

2. Online store
We can, therefore, consider all those who have decided to develop online stores in recent years.
Shopping on the web is, in fact, more and more fashionable, it has several advantages, for example, it offers goods at a lower price. Online stores are practically stormed by consumers.

The convenience of buying from home is priceless, both for those who do not have the time or desire to leave the house and perhaps for those who live in a place a little ‘out of the way and discourages the idea of having to shop at the store.

The beauty of e-commerce sites is that you can also sell items created with your own hands if you were particularly good with DIY: clothes and doilies sewn or knitted, frames, paintings … There is to be indulged.

If you want to start this kind of activity I suggest you read my in-depth article on how to open an online store!

3. Invest:
More and more people are dedicating themselves to this market: the value of Bitcoin, Lite coin, Ethereum and other virtual currencies is going up in an incredible way. Those who have had the foresight to invest a little while ago today have seen their capital grow significantly.
Investing in is, in my opinion, to be considered in all respects an economic activity and must be tackled with an entrepreneurial attitude and risk awareness.

If this sector interests you, it can be an excellent starting point and, with the right study, a profitable activity.

The best platform on which to learn to trade with is an option because it allows you to invest by opening positions only with € 1 and with a minimum deposit of € 10.

In addition, for new members, there is a free demo account with 10 thousand dollars virtual to be used to practice and gain knowledge of the market.

You can sign up quickly on the official option website and try to run a demo to get an idea.

It is not an easy activity, I do not promise safe profits, but if finance and new technologies attract you, it can certainly be part of the new opportunities offered by the web and our society.

4. Earn money with Facebook and social networks
Even this time do not think you can make easy money. Every job, whether online or offline, requires an appropriate commitment.

If you want to work with social networks, as in the case previously mentioned, you will have to try to make your own the language of those who want to earn money on the web.

How to earn on Facebook, then? There are several ways: the first involves the sale of spam from other sites.

This implies obtaining traffic from Facebook, which is the best way to grow a site.

Secondly, you can share posts from your own sites, earning from your own space.

Finally, you can use this channel to p PROMOTING their profession, even using the tool specially created by Linkedin.

If you want to deepen this way, here is the article dedicated to earning with Facebook.

5. SEO Consulting
Have you studied everything there is to know to allow someone to make money online, but do not you have the desire to be the first to manage a website or a virtual business?

Then you could start your business by exploiting the skills you have acquired: being now in the era of technology, you can not help but notice how successful they are getting, all those activities where computer science is the protagonist.

The most sought-after works include SEO consultants, developers, systems engineers, programmers, and everything related to this sector.

For this reason, the small or large companies that offer these services are always expanding.

6. Software Training
After these three ideas dedicated to those who hope to start a profitable and entrepreneurial business thanks to the web, let’s now examine the more “traditional” roads, that is the offline ones.

Among the new works, we find those linked, albeit indirectly, to the web and to information technology technologies.

Those who are very good with the use of software could evaluate the idea of being hired by those who want to learn to juggle in this area.

An activity that offers ideas and income possibilities such as Software Training can be developed through the planning of work groups and/or individual lessons, during which to teach in a strict sense the notions to those who want to learn the use of this software.

7. Nursery and services for children
Other winning and innovative entrepreneurial ideas come from the field of education. The new generations are practically always on the move; in fact, today’s parents fill their children’s days in all possible and imaginable ways.

The various activities dedicated to children are therefore on the rise. The Entertainment Centers are full, the nursery schools also, and children’s classes are always sold out.

8. Open a pharmacy
In this period we can find a renewed interest, by the Italians, for the opening of a para pharmacy, in franchising maybe!

It is, in fact, an activity that does not require particularly inaccessible investments and allows to sell drugs that do not require prescription and supplements.

To learn more, here is the article on how to open a para pharmacy.

9. Yoga and holistic
Holistic disciplines are experiencing unparalleled success in the West. With the desire to escape the stress of work and everyday life, more and more people sign up for yoga classes, Reiko and so on.

Opening a meditation center and teaching the discipline of Yoga can be an excellent business idea.

10. Open in franchising
A comfortable help for those who do not want to start from scratch then comes from the franchise. There are now chains for all types of activities, and they provide real support to those who decide to become entrepreneurs.

The franchise solves the problem of suppliers, furnishing of premises, sometimes staff, marketing, and so on.
Further tips for 2018
In addition to the tips that characterize the previous paragraphs, over time I have published many other ideas that would be difficult to catalog on one page: here I limited myself to give some quick ideas on those business ideas that in recent years have been particularly successful.

To simplify your browsing, I invite you to read the sections dedicated to entrepreneurial ideas and online earnings: you will find practical reviews and stories of people who have made it in some way to affirm their dreams.

Furthermore, on the page dedicated to the best business ideas, you can start a journey through a series of perspectives reviewed in a schematic way.

Do you have clearer ideas and are looking for a franchise? I recommend taking a look at the list of the 100 Best Franchises to open in Italy .
To ensure optimal navigation I’m trying to help you in any way to extricate yourself from the contents.

I remain at your disposal to provide further ideas useful to your resourcefulness: let me know your opinion both in the comments and by mail and I will work even more in making My Business a reference for all those who have decided to roll up their sleeves and take in hand their life.

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