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6 Things That Every Homeowner Should Know About Roof Cleaning

A homeowner’s job is never easy because he has to make sure that all the parts of the home are in a great condition, all the time. From maintaining the flooring to lighting, electrical fittings, garage, garden, and more, there is an endless list of to-do for them. Out of the numerous things that he has to look after, roof cleaning is one of the most important aspects. As a homeowner, you should understand the significance of maintaining your home roof as it is actually the part of the construction that gives structure to the home and shelter to the residents. Therefore, roof cleaning is a step that you cannot ignore at any cost.

Regular inspection and cleaning ensures that your home roof is free of decay, which can cause extensive damage if not checked in time. In such a situation, you may need to spend a lot on repairs or even have to opt for a complete replacement. Roof cleaning, on the other hand, can prolong its lifespan and keep it functional and in good condition. Whether you plan to do the job on your own or hire a professional contractor, there are a few roof cleaning facts that you should know about, right before you start.

  1. DIY is not as simple as you think

You may be a DIY enthusiast but it is important to realize that roof cleaning DIY is far more complex than mowing your lawn or painting the garage shutters. In fact, it requires a number of tools, techniques and cleaning materials that you may not even know about. Moreover, trying to do it alone can be a tiring job considering the roofing size of most properties. There is also a chance of damaging the roof tiles and shingles if you are not very sure about the kind and quality of chemicals that are to be used for cleaning them. It is always better to consider the pros and cons of hiring a professional for the job and weigh the pros and cons so that you are able to make the right decision. On the other hand, if you are really confident that you can handle the job on your own, make sure that you buy good quality material from a trusted seller. Also, you need to be committed to the task as it will take considerable time and effort. Be careful with the methods and quantity of cleaning chemicals you use and you can finish the job well enough.

  1. Roof cleaning is a regular part of home maintenance

Another essential roof cleaning fact that every homeowner should know is that it is an integral part of the home maintenance routine and should be followed diligently. It holds great significance for maintaining the health and integrity of your home but is not effective unless you do it on a regular basis, preferably every six months or so. With periodic cleaning, you can ensure that there is no debris on the roof and neither does roof moss and algae get a chance to grow there. This makes your home roof stronger and long-lasting as the accumulation of mold and algae can weaken its inner structure of the home roof.

  1. Roof algae is a serious concern

Of course, roof algae can look ugly but the concern is far more serious than aesthetic damage. Algae are a living thing that continuously feeds on the shingles and weakens the structural layout of your home roofing. It is capable of retaining moisture, which can aggravate the damage even further. There are times that you may be caught unawares as algae may start growing in places that may not be even visible. It may cause extensive damage even before you notice it. For this reason, regular inspection of the roof is needed to detect algae growth before it does any damage. Opt for the six-monthly cleaning is you cannot find visible algae on your home roofing and get it done even sooner if you detect it.  If you face this issue, it is better to avail professional cleaning because experts not only remove it in the right way but also take measures to ensure that the algae does not come back.

  1. There are two options in roof washing techniques

Professional roof cleaning is done in two ways, namely pressure washing and soft washing. Pressure washing, as the name suggest, involves the use of pressurized water to eliminate the mold, fungus, and debris from the surface of the roof. The method works well but can pose a risk for the shingles that may get damaged on being subjected to great water pressure. This makes the method more suitable for metal roofing. The other option is that of soft washing, which makes use of a biodegradable chemical to eliminate the growth of mold and algae. Further, the roof is washed using soft pressure so that the integrity of the shingles is maintained during the entire process. Professional agencies prefer the soft washing method as it is effective yet safe for the roofing. You can go through https://www.softwasherz.com/al/soft-washing-fairhope.php to know more about the soft washing technique.

  1. A clean roof has a series of benefits

Professional roof cleaning is like an investment that you make for your home but the benefits it brings are extensive. With regular cleaning, you can clear the roofing of dirt and debris, which makes your home energy efficient. Accumulated mold, algae and debris can cause an increase in your electricity bills as it interferes with the cooling impact of air conditioning. Another benefit of having a clean roof is that it is far more capable of facing rough weather as compared to a dirty or damaged roof. A roof with algae patches gets weakened from the core and there are chances that small shingles may be blown away by strong winds and heavy rains. Regular cleaning, on the other hand, enables the removal of algae patches as well as identification of weak shingles on the roof. You can get the breaches repaired well in time and protect the home roofing from the weather-related damage. Moreover, it extends the overall lifespan of your home roof and you need to incur heavy expenses on extensive repair or replacement.

  1. Professional roof cleaning is a justified expense

As a homeowner, you may be tempted to skip professional roof cleaning and rather do it on your own. But the truth is that it is always a justified expense that has benefits which far surpass the cost. You may be spending a considerable amount once in six months or a year, but actually, you end up saving on a heavy one-time investment on the heavy repairs or roof replacement. With professional roof cleaners handling the job, you can be assured that no damage will be done to the roofing during the cleaning process. They are experienced people who know what chemicals are to be used on the various parts of the roof and the amounts in which they are to be used. An amount less than the optimal will result in improper cleaning while too much chemical can cause damage. But this is one concern that you need not worry about if you are availing the services of a professional roof cleaning agency.

  1. Roof cleaning is a complete investment for your home

Regular roof cleaning is not just an investment for your roof but a complete investment for your home. When debris get collected on your home roof, they are most likely to flow into your gutters when it rains. This increases the chances of the gutters getting clogged during the rainy season. The problem appears insignificant on the surface but can become a serious issue as you may need to spend a lot on getting the gutters cleaned. Moreover, clogging can cause irreversible damage to the home landscaping and become a major expense for the homeowner in the long run. Seeing this, roof cleaning becomes a wise step for any homeowner as he can save thousands by spending some amount on periodic cleaning.

Considering all these facts about roof cleaning, it can be said that it is a smart homeowner’s decision to get professional services for the job on a regular basis. It is the best option for keeping your home roof sturdy, healthy and in a great condition for the years to come. However, you have to ensure that your cleaning company is really good at their job. Ask around for a few references or look online to search for the best provider in your area. Check the services they offer and the techniques they use for roof cleaning. Also, go through the client testimonials to get a fair idea about the quality of services they offer. It is a great idea to check out a few reputed contractors in your areas and ask them for quotes. Compare their prices and service quality to choose a professional cleaning company that offers the best services at an optimal cost.

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