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Starting a business in the United States

Many people are attracted to the creation of a company in the United States because their procedures for the realization are simpler and shorter, there is no VAT and you have to pay a “corporation tax” that can be 7%. In addition, the fact of creating a company in the US gives a greater status to the person who carries it out, it is also possible to reach many more people because there are more than 300 million inhabitants of which 45 million are Hispanic. In addition, states like Nevada or Delaware offer great privacy in terms of company finances and property. Florida is also a good option for its low taxes.

Even if you want to do business on the Internet, charge PayPal eBay is not a bad idea to have a company and an account in the United States. Any person not resident in the United States can create a company there without needing to go to the United States, although, of course, it is better to seek advice for greater effectiveness in the creation of the company.

It is not necessary to be a US citizen or resident to create companies in the United States it is sufficient to have a presence in the United States, which may be a location in the state where the company is started by a registered agent who receives the correspondence in the name of the person who creates the company. To create a bank account and operate in the US, it is necessary to have an employer identification number or EIN, which can take from 3 days to 3 weeks, in addition to having a copy of passport, ID and bank reference of the country of origin. The steps to create a company in the United States are:
– Consult a registered support agent who offers a complete solution to set up a company in the USA, both for US residents and non-residents.


– Create a business plan to see if it is feasible and profitable to carry the business forward.

– Choose the location where you want to have the business, taking into account the procedures, taxes and having a local agent to collaborate with. To proceed, you must request registration in one state and hire a registered agent with a valid address in the state.

– You have to choose if you want to create a company, individual company, corporation or limited liability company, taking into account the differences between each of them.

– After this the articles of incorporation or organization must be registered with the State, appointing the agent registered in the state to receive legal and government correspondence on behalf of the company.

– It is necessary to obtain a tax identification number for the business, it may be good to have the help of an attorney.

– Register the business with state and local tax departments, making sure all taxes are paid. It may also be important to have a professional to ensure that you are up to date with tax obligations.

– Create all the necessary licenses and permits, for which it may be important to enlist the help of an attorney.

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