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How to set up a coffee-shop with small Investment

How to set up a coffee-shop with small Investment:

A coffee shop is a warm and comfortable environment, where people go to buy books, read, study, work and enjoy excellent coffee.

Lovers of books and professionals who work writing, for example, know how much, that coffee combines with these situations. Therefore, when assembling a coffee-shop, you will be joining two segments, which complement each other, diversifying the offer and obtaining more loyal and loyal customers.

So, this is your chance! With our advice, you will be able to plan and structure better, so you can install your bookstore-cafe the right way, read on!
Make a business plan
Understanding how a coffee-shop works are not enough if you do not plan properly. This is very important and many people end up skipping this step. That is why many businesses have been stepping up in recent years.

Therefore, you need to contact an accountant to help you with the paperwork and with a part of the business plan as well. Then, with everything well defined and agreed, you can follow step by step to its success.

Choose a good location and location
The success of your coffee-shop will be largely due to its location. So, the first thing you need to think about will have to do with the flow of people passing by. In this way, the idea is to be installed near the shopping centers of your city, where there are many offices and businesses around.
These two things will make the possibility of using your café-library as a meeting point for growing considerably.

So, choose locations with a large flow of people. Shopping malls are a good example of this. They are the perfect places to set up a coffee-shop because the number of people is enormous.
Easily structure your coffee shop
The first thing about the structure you need to check is the space, so you need a large area to hold the books, another for people to gather and read books and coffee (with comfortable and pleasant furniture), another area for The preparation of coffee, bathrooms, stock of books, parking (in case on the street), etc.

Equipment for the realization of coffee

Of course, the amount of equipment will depend only on the size of your business, but below we will list those that are essential and can not be missing for the operation of a business of this type:

Freezer display of sweets and ice creams.
Espresso machine.
Cups, trays, saucers, plates, and cutlery.
Electric oven.
The importance of suppliers
One of the most important things about how to set up a coffee shop is choosing good suppliers. In this case, you will need suppliers of all kinds, so, you need to do a thorough research to choose well.

The first step is to look for book providers for your business. Other people, however, prefer to set up their bookshop-café by associating directly with the publishers. This is a personal decision and my advice is to analyze which of the two forms is most advantageous.

Area for coffee, you have to worry about the supply of coffee and other products you want to sell, such as cakes, ice cream, etc. Most cafes partner with suppliers who deliver products almost daily to them.

Invest in the environment
Understanding how to set up a coffee shop means understanding the importance of the environment to the business. Well, only having a comfortable, clean and flashy room, will make people stay. For this, you need help from a professional (interior decorator), to design the environment according to your needs and the type of business you are going to assemble.

Investment to set up a coffee shop
One of the things about how to set up a bookstore-café you need to know is that even if you do not have a very high capital to invest in one this business; With good will and good taste to create a perfect environment, can gradually grow.

With an investment of $ 15 thousand, you can build a small coffee shop. For larger structures, however, you will have to invest between $ 70 thousand to $ 150 thousand, having a return to 18-24 months.

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