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Restaurant Supplies and the Kitchen – All You Should Know

Restaurant kitchens can be highly busy with all the orders coming in and the fast-paced workers. Secondary to the human resource, what really makes the kitchen complete are the restaurant supplies.

Be it the cutlery or the machines, a kitchen can be a challenging place without these supplies. If you own a restaurant kitchen or are a part of it, you will require a number of devices that are durable, strong and functional to efficiently get things moving fast.

Running a foodservice business is a hectic and passionate task and specific equipment will be required. They have to be dependable and highly efficient to ensure that the functioning of the kitchen stays top notch.

Purchasing the restaurant supplies

Finding a reliable retailer to provide you with restaurant supply can be a very daunting task. The place should be well equipped with options from various brands and have a cost friendly approach as well. Another parameter to consider regarding electronic appliances is the after sales service perspective. They may require repairs in the future and the warranty period should be sufficiently long enough to ensure your purchase is worth the price.


Every commercial kitchen relies heavily on their cold storage system, or the refrigerator unit. Based on the nature of your business, the capacity requirement can vary from smaller to bigger. Refrigerating supplies, when used for storing food, can save a lot of wastage as well as make materials last longer while preserving their freshness.

A restaurant refrigerator will have more requirements as compared to one for the household. An industrial grade refrigeration unit is one that is designed and built specifically for the commercial kitchen. Depending on your requirement and the size of the restaurant, the fridge can either be the reach in type or the walk-in type of unit.

If you have a smaller requirement with minimal capacity, a walk-in the refrigerator will not be necessary. It is the contrary if your business is a fully fledged large one. You will also require a number of counters for organizing the raw materials as well as complete other tasks such as prep that includes cutting vegetables and cleaning.

Miscellaneous equipment

There are a lot of other restaurant supplies that may come handy that range from slicers and mixers to popcorn equipment. Instruments such as slicers and food processors minimize the time you need to put in into preparing the raw ingredients. They can help improve your efficiency and get things done with more perfection.

Cooking equipment

A restaurant kitchen is absolutely incomplete without its ranges, ovens, and sinks. Based on the capacity and your requirement, a ranger with a number of burners can be chosen. Similarly, the oven will also be based on the expected amount of food you will have to heat up at the same time.

For a restaurant, a convection oven may be more apt with intricate controls that will help you be precise about the settings. It is also important to not ignore the importance of a sink. You may need more than one, to separate the vegetables and meat as well.

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