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Profitable business in Spain

The 7 most profitable businesses in Spain – where to invest

It has been propagated news that Spain is in economic crisis. However, it already shows signs of restitution and this is reflected by the moderate but sustained recovery of business investment and the increase shown in the consumption of the Spanish. Without detailing macroeconomic data, from the end of 2013 until the end of 2017, there is evidence of encouraging growth and reflects the results of the efforts made. In the ranking that ranks countries according to the facility they offer to do business, Spain ranks 33 out of 194 nations globally. Then, as entrepreneurs, we will evaluate profitable business opportunities in Spain and we propose to consider some of our investment proposals.

1.- Economic Franchises

The business model offered by franchises are highly advisable for new entrepreneurs anywhere in the world and in Spain, are recommended by economists in terms of profitability. This item has the advantage of undertaking it without having to have much notion of the business since they give you all the knowledge of the operational, commercial and administrative management. We named you some of the most successful: travel agencies, bookstores, women’s fitness, human resources and laws for children. Put your money to work on one of these most profitable business options in Spain.

2.- Sale and rental of electric motorcycles

In Spain has increased significantly the awareness of caring for the environment, so it has become fashionable to use electric motorcycles. That’s right, many people have been inclined to buy or rent electric scooters. If you have a desire to invest, here is a very profitable business; What gives it great appeal is that scooters are very economical compared to other bikes. Its price usually ranges between 200 and 300 euros wholesale, giving an excellent profit margin that makes this proposal a highly recommended option.

3.- Tourist services

Spain is the third country to receive more tourists per year. In addition, studies have revealed that Spaniards spend 14% of their annual income on their summer vacation. These two factors keep the tourism sector one of the most attractive for investors. There are innumerable businesses that you can undertake in this branch and that will help you increase your capital in less time. Some of them are:

  • Tour Packages: Opening a travel agency to offer tour packages, including tours, is a very lucrative idea. These establishments live full of people looking for the best option.
  • Hotels and Inns: Owning a hotel or an inn on a beach or mountain, becomes one of the best investments because the capital investment is recovered in a short term.
  • Taxi lines: Form a line taxi, classical or executive, is definitely one of the most profitable businesses for the high demand of this market, especially if the service is provided from the airports.
  • Guide: If you have knowledge about the culture of Spain, you can polite to start a business tour guide. This office is undoubtedly pleasant and generates excellent dividends.

4.- Sale and rental of drones or drones

Drones are products that are becoming very fashionable in Spain and are in high demand, this is a very good opportunity to take advantage of since it has been proven that they are highly profitable. Additionally, there are other accessories that you can sell together. So you’re still in time to embark on this area that offers an interesting profit margin.

5.- Cleaning products for cars

The sale of car products can represent excellent gains over the cost. The attraction of this business (which few know) is that you do not need to have expensive machinery since you can get the concentrated products directly from the chemicals, which you must dilute with water. The investment you require is for the acquisition of the packaging with your own brand. The products you can offer are waxes, glass cleaners, plastic highlighters, etc. This is undoubtedly one of the most profitable proposals in Spain.

6.- Online business from home

For Spaniards, starting an online business from home turns out to be very attractive and profitable, mainly because they do not require much investment. In principle you only need to buy a domain for about 10 euros, to create and design your space on the web. Some ideas are:

  • Page Creator. This is a market that is constantly in motion, as more and more people know what it means to manage a website. If you have knowledge on the subject, do not hesitate to offer these services from your home. Since they will generate income constantly.
  • Graphic design: If you handle tools, such as Photoshop or Corel Draw, you can offer designer or graphic designer jobs. These services today are in high demand in the advertising media. So it will certainly be an excellent choice.
  • Virtual store: This is a type of commerce very well received by the Spaniards because it represents comfort and ease for them. To this, you can add the service of delivery, which will be well valued by the client. Some items that you can start marketing are makeup, jewelry, personal care, perfumes, etc.
  • Online Consultant: If you dominate a subject, legal, accounting, tax, etc., you can advertise your consulting services and start advertising immediately, to build your client portfolio and start receiving income from the comfort of your home.

7.- Home repair services

The service of repair at home is usually one of the most requested by the Spaniards. Houses, offices and commercial premises constantly demand maintenance and this creates a market that you can meet. With this service, you can cover several alternatives: masonry, plumbing, electricity, locksmiths, carpentry, and others. It is a very attractive option for the entrepreneurs since it does not require a great investment and offers excellent income by what comes to be one of the most profitable businesses in Spain.

As you can see, the entrepreneurship options are varied. The economic situation far from being a barrier becomes a great advantage because it opens many options to enter into new businesses. With patience, dedication, provision, and optimism you can start your profitable business in Spain.

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