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Profitable Business Idea in Dominican Republic

Either because you want to change the job in which you currently perform, or because you have been fired and you do not find a new one; or because you want to start a new business, or increase your regular income or those of your family group, or simply because you are going through an economic crisis, you really should see it as a time of opportunities as the Chinese say, to reinvent themselves, to start Again, in this article we will talk about some profitable options or businesses that you have in the Dominican Republic , many of which will open up new paths for which you never even thought to transit.

However, it is necessary that before deciding for any of them you weigh everything that involves developing such investment so that you go to the safe. Some require considerable investment of money, others little investment but a lot of perseverance and constancy , so everything will depend on what you want to achieve, your way of life, your creativity, skills or gift you have, goals drawn and even your own personality ; only then you will know in which sector or branch you must invest your resources many or few, your time and your talent.

These profitable businesses range from those included in the so-called informal economy to those of micro, medium and small enterprises, companies or sole proprietorships, or companies and mercantile companies and franchises. The way you legally establish yourself will depend on what you want to accomplish.

In the Dominican Republic, one of the most used ways to carry out a series of profitable businesses is through the so-called Micro Enterprises, or Small and Medium Enterprises, which is considered very important in the economic development of the country. only because of the amount of income they bring to the country’s gross domestic product, but also because of the large number of jobs they generate, the majority of which are family groups, since they are integrated by the owner and his family group; Being then also source of economic income for all of them. All of which results in social stability and of course in the political stability of the country.

Profitable Business in Dominican

Among the most profitable businesses in the Dominican Republic are:

  • Food businesses, ranging from fast food or casual dining to letter or minute meals, executive meals, and the famous gourmet food. Emphasis on the carts or stalls of empanadas, hamburgers, sandwiches, wraps, natural and dietary juices, as well as the sale of varied foods such as sushi, pizzas, pasta, salads, drinks, of small and large restaurants.
  • The famous services of breakfasts and lunches to the places of work, office or company; or certain foods, beverages, medicines, cleaning supplies, where users with a single call will be attended quickly, thus saving these a large amount of time.
  • The elaboration and distribution of different kinds of snacks or snacks as they are also called, from homemade bread, packaged homemade products, as well as other kinds of meals on request.
  • The marketing of a particular product or products, promoting them through a certain web page, catalogs, advertising, flyers, and then upon receiving the orders to get them to the customer in the shortest possible time; Which is known as delivery.
  • The Centers of Aesthetic Integral for both women and men; the Spa, the unisex hairdressers and the special ones for boys and girls; the centers of hair removal of eyebrows, bozo and other parts of the body.
  • The stores selling cell phones, accessories, repair and maintenance of them, as well as the auction of cell phone accessories very in vogue.
  • The souvenir shops, souvenirs, and gifts at affordable costs.
  • The import of various products.
  • The Education and Training Centers in different areas of knowledge: Administration, Accounting, Executive Secretariat; As well as so-called vocational training schools, for example, auto repair, painting of vehicles, plumbing, construction, repair and maintenance of air conditioners, repair and maintenance of computers, cell phones, etc.
  • Gastronomic Training and Education Schools.
  • Veterinary and animal clinics, among others.

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