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A New Business Ideas to Make Money on the Beach

The summer is the favorite season for most people, which makes that some businesses become more profitable at this time, thus creating new opportunities to make money. So, whether you live on the beach or not, then take a look at some business ideas to make money on the beach!

Sun care: sun protection

Depending on the type of business you are about to start making money on the beach, it is possible that you are exposed to the sun, therefore, that should be the first care you should take.

The sun not only damages your skin directly, but causes discomfort, nausea, and sunstroke, which could affect your performance. Therefore, it is important to always have a sunscreen, wear thermal clothing and moisturize with lots of water.

Sell ​​coconuts on the beach

This is an activity that has a great demand on the beach and the percentage of profit that is gained in the sale of coconut is high. Today a coconut sells for $ 0.60 to $ 1 and the cost of it is around $ 0.15.

Then, if you are encouraged to buy this business, it will need to have a certain structure. A place to store coconuts and a freezer or refrigerator to sell them ice cream.

A lot of people consume the natural coconut, but with the heat, most people are looking for iced coconuts, so that they can earn even more money this way, as iced coconut usually has a higher cost to the public.

Sell ​​Juices on the Beach

Selling juices is also one of the ways to make money on the beach. To start this business, you only need a low investment, in addition, you can earn up to 100% (or more) of juice sales on the beach.

This is also one of the ideas to make money on the beach that needs a certain structure. So, you can also buy a refrigerator and store the juice in it, to avoid losing the temperature.

The other two options are: set up a juice station or buy a cart. These two forms are not expensive and allow you to meet the greatest number of people, offering the juices to the perfect temperature.

You need to evaluate which of the ways to sell the juice may be more advantageous for you. It is necessary to remember that even such a common task can be done in an innovative way.

Set up a kiosk on the beach

This is also a highly lucrative way that can be carried out on the beach. In this case, the investment is not low, but the return is fast. You can sell everything and offer some services that those who go to the beach need.

Therefore, it is necessary first to analyze the area where you want to set up the kiosk, to know if you have an environmental license for the assembly. Then, analyze the needs of your target audience and work on them.

People on the coast go to the kiosks to refresh themselves and eat. So they offer typical dishes of the beach, such as fish, crabs, and others, as well as water, juices, soda, and beers.

A good option is to also offer a bathtub, a large shower and other services that will make people come to your kiosk and consume there. Things like live music, umbrella, catch a lot of attention.

Sell ​​snacks

Who goes to the beach, sometimes does not have enough money to eat at the kiosks and look for alternatives. Selling snacks is a great way to make money and just working on the weekend can have a monthly income of $ 600 to $ 750.

The point here is that the beach requires light snacks, so, ideally, work with healthy snacks to sell on the beach. That way you will be more successful in selling and you will have a better income.

Sale of beachwear

Riding a beachwear stall is a great opportunity to make money on the beach as well. Who travels to these sites looking for specific garments that they can wear and that is their opportunity.

Sale of pallets or ice cream

Who does not like a tasty ice cream in the heat of the beach? Ice cream is a product that can not miss and is one of the best ideas to make money on the beach. Simple, practical and very profitable.

You can learn how to make ice cream to sell or become a distributor of any brand already known.

Rental of apartments, rooms, etc.

Who owns a property on the beach can take advantage of this time to make money.


Have you seen how many ideas to make money on the beach there? Well, now it’s up to you. Analyze what is the best for your profile, for your current conditions and invest in the business. Good luck!

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