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Make your Partner Join you in the UK on Spouse Visa

Are you planning to move your spouse, partner or fiancé to the UK by ‘sponsoring’ their stay? As a ‘sponsor’, on the basis of your right of residence, you can help him or she joins you in the country. However, there are certain restrictions and specifications that have to be met to ensure that the spouse visa is issued in time and as per the laid down norms. Here, we have put together some important points to trigger off the process of gaining the spouse visa for your partner.

How Much are You Earning?

At the very onset, you need to check for the amount that you should be earning in order to facilitate the movement of your spouse to the UK. Alternatively, you need to provide proof of your savings to meet the monetary requirements that’ll enable you to apply for the spouse visa.

In case you are staying under humanitarian protection or have refugee status, then you need not strive to meet up with these financial requirements. Experts at WMImmigration.com explain that your spouse can apply for a visa to stay with you in the UK if you have permanent residence and have received British citizenship. However, if it’s essential for you to match up with the financial requisites then its necessary to prove that you are earning a minimum annual income prior to paying taxes.

The said amount would be dependent on whose visa you’re applying for. For instance, if you plan to bring in your husband/ wife only, and no kids, then you should be earning at least £18,600 annually before tax in order to qualify. On the other hand, if your kids are joining your spouse, then you’d need to earn an additional amount of £3,800 for your first child, as well as an additional amount of £2,400 for every child after your first one. Lastly, in case you’re planning to bring in your kids and are already staying with your spouse in the UK, then you would have to prove that your income is £18,600 in addition to the extra amounts needed for your children.

What Can the Income Comprise Of?

The income mentioned above can comprise of your earnings from self-employment or employment provided its earned in the UK. The figure also allows for a pension; paternity, adoption, maternity, or sick pay; and any other income that’s obtained from shares or rent. In case you have some savings on hand then you may use the same to meet any deficit in your income and fulfill the financial requirements. The savings are required to be in your name for a period of 6 months or more.

Reach Out for Immigration Services

There are several other rules, regulations, and restrictions that apply to the procurement of a spouse visa. As the entire process can be quite cumbersome and long-drawn, it’s best to leave it in the hands of experts in immigration services. Get in touch with experienced UK visa service providers linked with reputed agencies near you to get the best returns, and as quickly as possible.

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