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5 Key rules to follow when opening a coffee shop

Are you thinking of opening a cafeteria? Are you nervous of the idea about whether it will be a success or not? With so many successful coffee shops already in your town, you are bound to be anxious about opening one yourself. There is a stiff competition in the food industry, and one has to really, really stand out to make their venture a successful and popular one.

Knowledge and passion about coffee is the first and foremost requirement if you want to go in this direction. Coffee is something people are addicted to and you can only work well in coffee business is if you understand that passion and addiction yourself. A coffee shop is place where people come to relax and relish their coffee, to have a fun gossiping session or a reunion with friends, they come for a date or some even visit a coffee shop alone to do some office work, or finish a book. A perfect coffee shop is the one which make it comfortable for all kind of its visitors.

So open a cafeteria which pleases all kinds of customers, and is also differentiated from routinely café shops. Here are few matters that you should consider when planning for a coffee shop:

  1. Theme: Your coffee shops need to have a particular theme around which you can set all the rest of your requirements. For example, if you are solely attached to book and want to open a book café, you can give the name of your cafeteria according to this theme. Even the interior design can be done accordingly; an interior which depicts the love for books and reading, so that every book lover can relate himself/ herself when entering the café. You can have a small library inside the shop, which people can take the pleasure of indulging themselves along with the tastiest coffee and snacks. P

People tend to feel more cosy and comfortable when they feel the connection of the same passion.

  1. Location: Even the most pretty and most perfect food businesses fail to rise, if they choose to set up at a wrong location. Why location is so important because they are themselves a source of attraction for the customers. Imagine opening a food joint or a coffee shop at a place with very less parking. It would be a hassle for people to struggle with parking every time just for a cup of coffee. So be patient and very particular about where you chose to open your shop. A coffee shop can be a sure hit when opened near a place which has lots of student crowd, like colleges or tuition centres; or near business centres where employees can come and grab a quick bite.
  2. Promotion: Once you are done with the impeccable idea of the coffee shop and chose a perfect location, and done with all the technical processes of construction and interior decoration, you should start with the promotional activities as soon as possible. This step includes a series of publicity tasks which will attract the customers to come and try their café. Promoting the café on an online platform and with the perfectly designed logos and flyers- which can be distributed in all the mainstream areas of the city. People also judge your business quality on the basis of your business cards and brochures. You can team up with companies or websites like saltlakeprinting.com who can pay attention to these little details in order to obtain perfection.
  3. Facilities: Along with the taste and comfort, the facilities you will provide to your customers will also be as important. These facilities or luxuries might be small or big, but they definitely will be noticed by the customers. You can provide them with a mini library, containing the books of the popular authors; or you can also offer those few games, like Ludo, Uno, Foosball table or Ping Pong table and more. The absence of Wi-Fi is also a deal breaker at any food joint these days. The option of DIY food and drinks can also appeal to many customers. You can also provide them with a perfect range of food and beverages, from various backgrounds. For example, picture perfect macarons from Paris, Crème Brulee from France or Baklava from Turkey.

Events: It would be pretty exciting to go to a café which has something new and wonderful planned every week, rather than doing same old chit-chat. So organise new events very often. You can arrange for solo or band performances on weekends. An open mic night for poetry or comedy would also be very eventful. People look for these kinds of events in which they can participate and share their talent; or just sit and enjoy the performances.

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