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Is It Worth Insuring Your Horses?

Horses are large, majestic animals that seem to be strong enough to conquer any obstacle. In reality, they can get sick, hurt, or pass away with little warning. Horse insurance is available that can defray the cost and loss if the need arises.

The Equine Industry

Even in an age of incredible technology, horses maintain positions in some lives that help humans earn a living. Riding schools, stables, ranchers, tournament and rodeo professionals, and carriage owners all depend on having their horses stay in excellent health and retain their ability to perform necessary duties. Purchasing the right insurance policies can help make this happen.

Meeting the Cost of Major Medical Problems

The veterinary bills for major medical problems in a horse can be high. Horses are large animals and surgery can be difficult or cumbersome. Choosing a major medical insurance policy can help defray the costs, allowing you to seek the intensive treatment or procedures it takes to get them well again.

Unexpected Loss of Your Horse

No horse owner likes to consider the possibility of the sudden death of the animal. Deep emotional bonds form that are hard to break. In the case of equine business owners, the funds needed to add another horse to the business is critical to stay in operation. Mortality insurance is a policy every horse owner should consider.

Increased Injury Risks of Travel

Tournament horses are often subject to frequent travel. It can include localized trailer trips, trains, or even airplanes. Every time the horse is loaded and unloaded, the risk and potential for injury are present. You can add a travel insurance policy that will cover injuries for a specified period of time.

All horse owners want their animals to maintain good health and live forever, but this is not always possible. Horses will eventually pass on and injuries or illness can strike at any time. Stay prepared by carrying the right horse insurance coverage.

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