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6 ideas for an online store for moms

1. Online store with handmade products

Until recently, hand-made products were a niche on the internet and only a small group were interested in buying it.

However, hand-made products have become popular and have gained a group of fans. People search for unique products that are not available in big popular stores. Therefore, if you are passionate about handicrafts, consider opening an online store with such products. Some people think that their hand made items are not good enough for sale. Do not be fooled by this belief! Women often downplay their abilities. Believe in yourself and your skills! Understand that you can really raise the hearts of consumers with hand made products. You can sell hand-made jewelry, knitwear, pillows, paintings, wreaths, luminescent balls, and soaps. It all depends on your idea and talent.

2. Online store with clothes & fashion

Clothing is one of the biggest industry on the market, that’s why it is also one of the biggest competition among the sellers. To break through the competition, you can create a unique website. Most mothers at the beginning of their journey in the e-commerce market are deciding to sell clothing for pregnant women and children.

Mothers are familiar with this industry, so it’s easy to advise to the clients. You will build trust among young mothers and thanks to this, women who buy maternity clothes in your online store will come back when they would want to purchase beautiful products for their babies. This approach will help you to build a group of loyal recipients who will provide you with a regular income. Once you have a stable market position, you can think about expanding the range.

3.Online business with toys

Mother certainly know how difficult it is to choose the perfect toy for a child. It should be appropriate to the age of the baby and his preferences. Also, it should teach, educate and be safe for the child. As they are many toys on the market from different manufacturers, the choice for parents and relatives is quite challenging. Get deep into the subject and check if you have the right knowledge about toys. It’s worth to check available goods with various wholesalers and supply an online store with appropriate products. This will allow providing perfect customer service to a demanding parents.

You will also have an opportunity to create a marketing campaign and promote your store. For example, you can gain customers by creating a blog on your website and advice specific toy for a child.

4. Cosmetics

Young mothers often want to feel more attractive after pregnancy. That is why many of them want to invest in good cosmetics. Unfortunately, women do not always have time to go shopping and spend an hour at the stores. You probably understand this problem. That’s why you can meet the desire of young mothers and make it possible to buy cosmetics online. At the same time, you will achieve your dream of having an online store. If you are worried about the competition, you can open a specialized website, for example with natural cosmetics.

5. Online store with healthy food

Nowadays, healthy food is very popular. If you exercise good eating habits in your home, then you should translate them into e-business. Open an online health food store. Natural food is especially appreciated by young parents who want to provide their children with a balanced diet. Hence, respond to the market demand and enter the trend. In addition, through your commitment to spreading the idea of healthy eating, you will build a community around your brand.

6. Sales of digital files

The last idea for an online store is primarily for moms who run their own blog. If you write articles, create guides or conduct trainings, you can think about selling your knowledge in digital files. It does not matter if it will be written or video material, because you can trade electronic products in any formats, such as PDF, MP3, and MP4. The dispatch process is automatic and multimedia content is stored on a secure server. You can read more about the sale of digital files at Offerer.com here.


We have mentioned only 6 ideas of the online store, but there are many more! You can sell almost anything. However, remember to primarily sell products you familiar with. Thanks to this you will become a specialist in the industry and you will be able to gain the clients by your professional knowledge in a certain industry. Working in the chosen industry will bring you great joy as you work in the field you passionate about.

We are convinced that you will be able to combine family life with professional development! Once you know what you want to sell, take a step and create an online store. You can do it on the e-commerce platform Offerer.com.

Go to Offerer.com and test the software for 14 days for free. We hope you will find inspiration for your e-business!

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