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How to set up a toy store very easily

How to set up a toy store very easily.
Toy stores are stores where games, toys, and even stationery are sold in some cases. Although in general, your target audience is children, adults are the ones who do the shopping, so that setting up a business of this kind can take some work from your idea. However, if you have a well-planned strategy, it is possible to make it quite lucrative.

If you are thinking about starting a toy business, we will tell you what you must take into account to get it. Take note!

Business plan for your toy store
Like any business, you must have one to make an estimate of expenses. Focus on a target audience, which can be two types: children and/or collectors. The first is between 0 and 11 years of age, while the second can be both children and adults who enjoy collecting toys instead of playing with them.

Location of a toy store
The place must be located in a place where there is a lot of people, such as shopping centers, near product stores for children’s parties, day-care centers, children’s clothing stores, places frequented by parents and children, etc. If it is close to schools and colleges, it is better, since it is likely that many children and their parents will pass by.

Local for a toy store or toy store.
It must be broad and, depending on the services you offer, you must have enough space for the games. In addition to the traditional furniture of a toy store (shelves, showcases), you must have a warehouse and an administrative office.

Decoration for a toy store
The store should be decorated according to what may work to be liked by your target audience. If they are children, colored blocks combined with wood or Formica can be a good option, while if it is a collectible toy store, glass is the most recommended for exhibition issues

Products that can be sold in a toy store
Once you have determined your target audience, you can decide what kind of toys and games to sell. Here we tell you some lines of products that you can offer to your clientele:
Dolls and accessories. Barbie dolls and that style, superheroes, cartoon characters or children’s movies, etc.

  • Teddies. They can be of various sizes and materials. Includes antiallergic or microfiber stuffed animals.
  • Vehicles. Cars, motorcycles, patrols, fire trucks, tricycles, etc.
  • Toys for babies. Rattles, colorable mats of colors, stuffed tacos, mobiles, balls, etc.
  • Didactic and mental ability toys. Memory, puzzles, magic kits, etc.
  • Building blocks. Lego games, Megablocks, etc.
  • Letters and board games. Monopoly, Pictionary, Clue, One, Scene it, etc.
  • Musical toys Set of instruments, microphones, radios, etc.
  • Wood toys. Horses, shoes, abacus, studs, etc.
  • Collectible toys. Action figures, cards, masks, etc.
  • Crafts. Plasticine, cold paint, fabric paint, glue and other stationery.
  • Books. Comics, fiction, coloring, etc.
    You can focus on offering one or two lines and add more as the business grows.

Suppliers for a toy store
It is better that you have more than one to avoid running the risk of running out of inventory, especially on strategic dates for sale.

Additional services you can offer in a toy store
If you chose to go big and open a toy store for children of all ages, you can also set up an entertainment center with games such as climbing walls, a pool of balls, giant memory games, etc. Without a doubt, you will differentiate yourself from the competition and all the children will want to go to your store to play and leave with a toy.

You can also include a daycare center with a playroom or a space for didactic and educational games. Parents will appreciate such a place to leave their children while shopping at other stores, especially where it is best to enter without young children.

Marketing for a toy store
The shopping experience starts from when the store draws the attention of the potential customer, so it must be a place that does not go unnoticed. In this sense, the image of the toy store should keep a style unit and be designed based on what children like. The design of the showcases has to be thought of as a child will see it and will ask their parents to immediately enter the store.

So that those who do not pass by know about your business, you can invest in advertising. At first, it could be somewhat expensive, so you can resort to cheaper means, such as flyers or banners, but later evaluate the possibility of buying a wedge on the radio or make a commercial for television.

Without a doubt, the best thing about the Internet is that everyone is connected at all times, so in this way, you can reach many people. Social networks will become your partners to prepare the best digital marketing strategies.

General recommendations
Finally, remember two super important things. The first is that any toy you sell must comply with current safety standards for toys. It is the manufacturing companies who are responsible for this but make sure that the products have the CE seal (indelible and minimum 5mm in height).

The second is that the best season to sell toys is at Christmas, New Year, in addition to Children’s Day, so you can take advantage of these dates to make contests or animated events inside the store.

How to set up a toy store very easily.

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