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How to set up a glass and facade cleaning company

One of the most profitable businesses for which little investment is required is the cleaning of glass and facades of buildings. Many companies subcontract trained personnel to carry out this spectacular job in specific since to be able to carry out it is necessary to have a certification.

On the other hand, cleaning is a task that must be done with a certain periodicity, so there will be constant work and this is also an advantage when accounting for profits for a company of this type. In addition, those who hire this type of service are usually people or companies with high purchasing power, since it is a luxury and not a priority.

Why set up a glass and facade cleaning company?

The maintenance staff of a company does not include a human resource commissioned and trained for cleaning specialized in exteriors, so it is necessary to resort to companies that offer this service in specific. In turn, although it is an activity that has a constant and growing demand, there are not so many companies that are dedicated to it, so that competition is not a risk factor in this business.

In this way, undertaking a business of cleaning glass and facades becomes a good idea for four main reasons:

  • All companies need to clean their facade to keep their image impeccable in every way, and that includes hygiene.
  • There are not many companies that are dedicated to this work, so there will be more chance of getting contracts with new customers.
  • The cleaning must be done from time to time, so there will constantly be money in the company.
  • Investment spending is much lower relative to other types of business and is recovering quickly.
  • How to mount a glass and facade cleaning business step-by-step
  • If you are definitely interested in starting an outdoor cleaning business, here are some of the steps you should take to get it done. Take note!

1. Mercantile Registry

As with any for-profit company, you must remove the business register so that it can be a legally constituted company.

2. Equipment and supplies

A company of this type needs inputs that need to be replaced with a certain periodicity, so it is important to have several suppliers to replenish the inventory. There are industrial cleaning products, which are perfect for this type of business, and it will be much cheaper to buy them at retail than retail. The work team should not only include hoses, containers, sponges, and pickers but also harnesses, uniforms (panties), boots, helmets, lenses, among other articles of clothing and personal safety.

3. Office and local

Although strong work is carried out at home, it is necessary that there be a physical location where the administrative work can be done and where these inputs and the rest of the work team can be stored. The initial investment should be to pay the rent or purchase of space, furniture and computer equipment for workers.

4. Vehicles

For the transfer of personnel, work equipment and supplies are necessary to have a vehicle, which may well be owned or rented to a transport company.

5. Recruitment of staff

The cleaning of glass and facades must be done by a small but well-integrated work team, from who operates the machinery to who goes up to carry out the work, so having three teams is at least ideal to start the business.

6. Staff training

This activity cannot be performed by any person. Being a job that requires physical effort, a certain risk (despite security measures), in addition to mental stability not to commit recklessness (such as launching into the void), it is necessary that those who apply to employment are people in good physical condition, who pass a psycho-technical test, who comply with the training to work at heights and their safety measures, among others.

7. First payrolls

Within the investment must include a capital destined to the payment of the first salaries of the employees. It is advisable to have insureds for at least three months of work, including the balance of your benefits, so that a first contract can be fulfilled at least, in case the company does not prosper.

8. Marketing

Publicizing the company, especially if it is new, is important to attract clientele. Having a presence in social networks, mobile advertising, print, static and media becomes essential. The key to this strategy is knowing how to locate advertising, which usually works best near large companies, shopping malls, and other companies whose facilities are large buildings with multiple spaces.

9. Keeping customers and getting new ones

Once the first contract is concluded it is important to get more in the future with the same company, so it is important to create discount and promotion agreements to keep you as your first choice. This way you could also get a recommendation from other companies that require this service.

Remember that every business starts with very little, so you do not need to have large numbers of staff and supplies, but enough to meet at least a couple of contracts. Little by little more customers will arrive and if your work is satisfactory for both parties, they will follow the orders.

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