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How To Effectively Use Pay Per Click Advertising?

Does your e-commerce website manage to get the top rank in search engines? Does your website generates enough revenue and traffic? If by any means, your answer is No, then you need to implement better digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing can help your business have a better internet presence which will automatically attract customers. Some of the digital marketing strategies include email marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing(PPC), SMM, Search Engine Optimization, etc. However, all these tactics take time to produce results but what if you need results faster? The answer simply is Pay Per Click Marketing or also referred to as paid advertisements.

What exactly is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click advertising is a very powerful and effective tool used to drive traffic to your website which can cause an increase in revenue. It is also known as paid advertising because you will be liable to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. An individual will be redirected to your website by clicking on your ad and can become a potential customer. PPC ads show up on search engine results pages only when a potential customer enters the keywords you selected. If you opt for PPC ads, you will be given a choice between two placement types –

  • Search Advertisements – These are the advertisements on web pages that shows result from search engine queries.
  • Display network advertisements – These are the ads which appear on websites or google apps that have opted for Google ads through Adsense program.

How To Use Pay per Click?

You would need to use Google AdWords in order to create a successful Pay per click campaign. It will allow you to build ads which will appear on the search engine result page or in websites which have opted for the Adsense program. First, you would need to make a well laid out and attractive advertisement. Secondly, you would need to bid on keywords and then pay for every click on those ads.

You do not need to worry about bidding and overspend on advertising packages. You can start with small packages as you only have to pay when you get the clicks. Adwords also lets you keep a track of your stats and progress. You can improve the traffic and the performance of your campaign by keeping a continuous track of your progress. Some of the most common ppc management services questions asked by beginners are –

  • How much I need to pay for a specific keyword?
  • What will be my position compared to my competitors?
  • What kind of audience to target for?
  • Can I also promote specific offers?

Your ad will show up on top of the result page if you have managed to use the right keywords which can complement your business. The traffic which you will get is not organic but is paid for, if you use pay per click. It is crucial to have a well-planned campaign in order to increase your business revenue.

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