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Steps on How to Change the Password on Window 10

The first day at work, they give you that desk on the corner, with an old malfunctioning computer. A computer that was previously used by other employees. Definitely, you have to change the username and password. Therefore the following are steps on how that can be done without having to call the I.T technician.

It is required to have the old password and email of the previous user. Obviously, you will need to the computer with you so that you change the new password.

  1. To change or remove the previous password, click on to your settings and open the Accounts folder.
  2. Click on to the Sign-in options panel and a drop down the page will appear. The drop-down page will give the change password option.
  3. As you click on the Change Password Option, another drop down page opens. Type in the previous password.
  4. The next stage, a code sent to the previous email is requested.
  5. Enter the code in the panel were it is required.
  6. At this stage, you will be prompted to type in the new password, re-type the new password, put in hint characters for the new password and click next.
  7. Click finish.

Follow the first four steps if you want to edit anything that is associated with the administrator or the user accounts. By following the same steps you can add a user to the computer, you can change the password, you can edit the administrator picture and monitor all the users on the computer. When you have secured your machine then you can start to think about visiting real money online pokies australia. At this stage, you need to be considering company policy regarding playing online casino games at work.

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