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Great Scents Can Influence Repeat Business at a Laundry Company

When people seek professional laundry services, they will want to receive tidy clothes that appear clean. Besides the physical factors, the scent that emits from fabrics plays a key role during a wash cycle. If you pick detergents that smell great, many customers will return to your company in order to renew the scent on their clothing.

Although there are many detergents that have an appealing fragrance, the best options serve dual purposes. During the wash cycle, a practical detergent’s soapy formula effectively eliminates dirt and stain. Then, after the wash cycle stops, it will enhance smelly clothing with a scent that lingers for hours. If you want to give your customers these results, there are two detergents that you may want to considering in your washers.

Tide Original Scent

Tide manufacturers detergents with scents that can wow customers. The original scent gives clothing floral and aloe notes that are very refreshing When people wear clothes that were washed with Tide, they won’t have problems breathing as the scent isn’t overpowering.

A cup of Tide can help you get rid of the toughest stains. It can eliminate stains that are caused by

  • Blood
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sweat

Arm and Hammer Clean Burst

Arm and Hammer Clean Burst has a pleasant scent that’s fresh. When the formula surrounds a dirty fabric, it takes action by destroying the grime and the odor. However, the biggest benefit is that Arm and Hammer Clean Burst doesn’t have harsh chemicals, so people who have allergies won’t experience any reactions after you treat their clothing with this detergent.

If you want to compete with the top commercial laundry companies, you’ll need to treat your customers’ items with great detergents. Tide and Arm and Hammer are practical options because they eliminate odors and stains.

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