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Four common mistakes that cost sales in an e-commerce Business

Four common mistakes that cost sales in an e-commerce Business

Good prices, fast distribution, careful presence in social networks … yes, it seems that you have thought of everything. Insurance? When an entrepreneur is in charge of an e-commerce, it is very easy for small aspects of his business to escape him, things that in principle may be trifles but that over time, if they accumulate, can be a real problem for the company.

That is why it is important to always look to the outside, both from friends and relatives as well as experts and, of course, attend to the impressions of the client. However, in this case, it is not necessary because below we will detail four frequent errors that can make lower sales of your e-commerce. Be sure to work on them as soon as possible.

How well does my website look! On all devices?

About 28% of e-commerce traffic arrives by mobile phone. They are data from analyst company Criteo for 2017 – so this percentage may have been increased thanks to the continued expansion of smartphones. Thus, it is clear the importance of having a ‘responsive’ online store, which fits all types of devices, from phones to tablets.

This detail can sometimes go unnoticed, especially during the first months of the entrepreneurial project, in which entrepreneurs usually strive to look for a design as beautiful as usable, sometimes leaving aside their adaptation to smaller screens.

Needless to say, the sooner you make sure that your online store is perfectly usable at any scale, the greater the chances of getting sales.

Report in detail and clearly

At what point am I in the buying process? If I leave the web now, will my basket be saved? When will the package arrive? How can I return it if I am not satisfied? Is there a guarantee? This series of issues are completely normal for the person entering for the first time in your e-commerce. And as we have told you before, if capturing the attention of the potential client is the most expensive in resources and time, do not spoil the sale for lack of information.

There are many ways to provide answers to your customers, from indicating perfectly in what state of the buying process you find to offering a well-visible area of ​​your website a Frequently Asked Question – FAQ – well visible and that solves the most common doubts.

Do not forget the returning customers

One of the most attractive advantages of an e-commerce is that it is very easy to keep track of your customers’ previous purchases. With this registration, you can make personalized promotions, send emails with products that you think may interest your client or, simply, offer a personalized ‘showcase’ every time your user visits you again.

Omitting this strategy will detract from that sense of personalization and prevent a good customer from becoming a brand prescribe. And that does not suit you.

A great selection of products … disorganized

We started by saying that your e-commerce has a great selection of products at a very good price, but if your customer is not able to locate what you need, you have a problem.

Here the labels, sections, and categories are fundamental and one of your main concerns, at all times, should be to make the products visible in the simplest way possible. Otherwise, a customer who is very interested in a product that only you have, can not find it because you did not know how to organize it properly.

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