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Facebook no longer the Focus of Business

Things and times change. Once upon a time, Facebook was the place to be if you wanted to be anyone in the social and business world alike. But now, Facebook is no longer the master of marketing that was once was greatly feared as Nine has dared to challenge the platform for business adverts.

Who and What is Nine?

Nine, whose full name is Nine Entertainment Company Holdings Ltd is a publicly listed Australian company. The headquarters are in Sydney Australia and they were founded in 2006. As compared to Facebook, the company is young in years. But we do all know that dynamite comes in small packages. And Nine does seem to be packing a few explosives with them.

Nine’s Challenge to Facebook

Nine is hoping to open up a new gateway from Facebook advertising. This they want to do so by launching a new software that will be specifically targeted to the Small and Medium Enterprise Companies (SME’s). Remember in the past online casino companies were allowed to advertise on Facebook? But now Facebook has decided to cut them off. Recent research has shown that the bulk of these companies tend to advertise on Facebook, and Nine wants to come to come into that picture and share Facebook’s spotlight.

To that regard, they have their wheels set a mobile platform called 9Voyager. This application will help the SME’s to get direct contact to the Nine’s business team, who will then assist them. The application will hand in glove with 9Galaxy a product launched last year. 9Glaxy automates buying adverts and uses data to predict audience numbers.

9Voyager is set to launch by the end of 2018 and Nine will be opening up their doors to more than 2 million SME companies in Australia.

We do hope that the application will not take that much of space in mobile phones as we need a just a little to accommodate our online casino games, read more information at South African online gambling. Despite the love of money, we all know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Even if that Jack is a businessman.

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