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Facebook Creates AI System That Turns Food Photos Into Written Recipes

Since being founded in 2004, Facebook has reported that it wants to bring the world closer together. In order to accomplish that goal, the social networking company has relied mostly on the web and smartphone apps. Along the years, they have created many apps compatible with pokies that have helped them achieve that goal. Facebook has gone further to introduce gadgets (Portal and Portal Plus) recently.

Facebook’s AI System That Turns Food Photos into Written Recipes

Researchers at FAIR (Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research) group have developed a piece of AI software. The software is able to determine what ingredients were used to make a certain dish. It can then describe how they were assembled.

The AI system was built by research scientist Adrianna Romero. She got help from several others at FAIR’s Montreal lab. The program can look at a food photo and list the ingredients that went into it. Not only that, but it also describes the method required to make it.

Joelle Pineau, head of FAIR’s Montreal lab stressed how everyone is always taking pictures of their meals these days. In an interview, Pineau had this to say, “Sometimes there are ingredients you can see but there’s also ingredients you can’t always see, like sugar and salt and things like that.”

She explained how they train the AI with pairs of images and recipes. When it comes to testing it, they just give it the image and it generates a recipe.”

Undoubtedly, many Facebook and Instagram users would enjoy this feature. However, Facebook doesn’t currently have any plans to roll out this AI system.

Asked why the AI system was developed, Pineau said that they need to have machines that understand the world. They need machines that understand that when you have a cake, there’s usually sugar in there. Maybe next time around scientists can develop a system that tells gamblers when the next progressive online jackpot will be won (check out online gambling South Africa for latest jackpot winners).

The scientists at the social media giant aren’t the only ones developing recipe generating AI systems. MIT researchers announced in July 2017 that they’d built a similar system trained on a dataset of 1 million photos and 1 million recipes.

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