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You can sell 4 types of handicrafts as your small business

You can sell 4 types of handicrafts as your small business

The craft market is very profitable, and it never goes out of style, regardless of whether or not you live in a tourist town, your craft products will always be sold.

You can choose a style of craftsmanship to start and perfect yourself, and over time you can develop other techniques, which are numerous. You can do patchwork, decoupage, painting in plastic and glass, handmade handbags, embroideries,  baby tiaras, among many other handmade products that your imagination and creativity allow you.

So, thinking about it, in this article, we have selected some types of crafts that can be made to sell and thrive economically, see them below!

1 – Woodworking

The use of wood for the manufacture of handicrafts to sell is one of the most traditional segments of the profession. In general, the wood used is MDF; it is the cheapest type of wood, which allows introducing a high value in the product.

The types of wood crafts are diverse, old furniture can be reused to create pieces to decorate the house – such as using old drawers or wooden boxes as decorative niches – or make painting or decoupage (piece of wood decorated in most of the times, With napkins or colored pictures), in pieces that are bought in specialized stores.

2 – Biscuit Crafts

Biscuit craftsmanship is also well known and sought after by artisan clients, as this is a very beautiful, delicate work, and used mainly as a gift for mothers of newborns.

Biscuit dough is also known as cold porcelain because it dries out the outdoors, without having the need to go to the oven. What is interesting in the mass of biscuit is that you can model, dye and paint, and from there shape your pieces of crafts.

You can buy biscuit dough in specialized stores, or you can make it at home with simple and inexpensive ingredients, see:


01 teaspoon lemon or vinegar.

01 teaspoon of moisturizing cream without silicone.

02 cups of corn starch tea.

02 cups white tea (this glue is special for the cold mass).

02 tablespoons liquid petroleum jelly.

The method of preparation:

The dough should be microwave or ready to cook. On the stove you just have to mix everything and stir with a wooden spoon, when the dough comes off the pan, it will be ready for use.

If you prefer in the microwave, it should be mixed in a sturdy glass container. Take it to the microwave and after 30 seconds remove and remove with a wooden spoon until it peels off the bottom of the cup.

To knead the dough it is enough to extend it on a smooth surface like a marble stone, a table of glass or of wood and to make the same movements made to make the bread dough. Ready! Now you just have to use your creativity and make the most beautiful crafts in a biscuit.

3– Handmade embroidery

Who ever found those beautifully embroidered rugs that our grandmothers and aunts did when we were kids? But know that this is a craft that never goes out of style; just go to craft fairs to see several stalls with these products.

To learn how to embroider, you can buy specialized magazines that teach step by step how to do it, or watch tutorials on the internet and start embroidering, how to videos below that teaches you to embroider using the cross stitch technique:

The material to start making handmade embroidery is not expensive, you need yarn, needle and a towel, for example, you can use a used from home and practice. Making embroidery gives money, besides being a very handmade way pleasant and fun.

4– Crafts with recycled material

Nowadays, with the word sustainability on the rise, many people are putting this approach into practice, including in the making of crafts, and recycling everything that is allowed, from cans and PET bottles to magazines used in newspapers.

Here what counts is pure creativity, because the more different and attractive your pieces, the more customers will attract. The public that consumes this type of crafts is generally the middle class or upper middle class, who have a more modern style of decoration.

But that does not mean that you cannot create pieces for all audiences because acceptance is general and success is guaranteed. There are other types of handicrafts that can be made, as we speak at the beginning of the text, as well as another post that we made specifically for each type of handicraft. Take advantage to visit those posts and leave your opinion about our work. Until next time and always successful!

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