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What is Business Leadership Management Fundamentals

We review experiences and statements of young Spanish entrepreneurs who have achieved success in very different sectors. They all have something in common: they give great value to their work team and they strive to take care of it to the fullest. This is how they do it.

On leadership, dozens of articles are written daily. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tips on how to be a good leader. That is why on this occasion we wanted to see how some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Spanish landscape in recent years apply their particular sense of leadership in their day today. Because beyond a novel idea and the passion to carry it out, all these entrepreneurs share a common idea: without the human factor there is no project, however brilliant, that may have a future.

The Importance of Engaging Your Team
In the era of labor mobility, of a generation called Millennial that is not very committed to a long-term project, nor is it that the labor market has propitiated it, it sounds like a chimera that “commit the team” . And yet, that’s what Sergio Álvarez, creator of Carto, a company that provides tools to create online maps and that has revolutionized the world of graphic representation: “We have always thought that the best way to retain talent is to give freedom, letting everyone work their way. In CARTO we do not have schedules, and our structure is quite horizontal. […] The key is that we are all committed to our work. ” This explains this young man in an interview withReimaginaeltrabajo.com.

Along the same lines, Alvarez also stresses the importance of encouraging the continuous training of his team. That learning process should never end, since as long as the team is prepared to meet future challenges, the greater the company’s success options.

That idea of creating a compact and well-formed team is also made by Marta Esteve, responsible for Soysuper.com, a website that compares prices of products from large areas and allows you to save with every purchase. “You have to get a phenomenal team of people willing to give you some of your free time until you can assemble a basic part. If really the team is very good and promises you can go get funding, ” said Esteve told Womenalia.com. Of course, that is achieved by being the first to sacrifice all the time necessary for the company to start. That ‘preaching by example’ is today more relevant than ever.

The difficult task of knowing how to delegate
For Álvaro Cuadrado, of Square Ventures, a company that helps social projects to succeed, the leadership is largely delegated: “The strategic and creative direction goes through me, but the rest try to delegate it, working hand in hand with my team “.

This assignment of responsibilities is not always simple, especially in novice entrepreneurs who understand the project as ‘very much yours’. However, in the long run giving a great autonomy to a well-structured team tends to deliver very good results. And that’s where public recognition comes into play as one of the best ways to create a good atmosphere and to motivate workers. This is what Pilar Rodriguez does in this interview with Europa Press, which highlights ” human values and really work as a team”. Not surprisingly, the new generation of workers that is already making its way in the labor market values ​​very positively the social recognition and, of course, also within the scope of work.

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