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How to Become a Uber Driver and Make Money

How to Become a Uber Driver and Make Money:

Uber is a US multinational private urban transport company, very similar to the taxi, but with great advantages and benefits, both for those who drive and for those who use the services.

The Uber application has generated many conflicts and news, but it can not be denied that it has become a well-known service (in all cities of the world), reliable, and much cheaper than taxi service. So, if you are interested in learning how to be a Uber driver, check out some tips below!

How does Uber work?

One of the reasons for Uber’s success is precisely its practicality. In fact, it functions similarly to many applications for existing taxis.

When a person requests a car from Uber through their telephone, the central office carries this request to the driver closest to the passenger’s location, who receives the message through his mobile phone, an iPhone offered by Uber himself.

The payment of the trip is made through credit cards and the driver of Uber obtains his income each week, by bank deposit. Through the application of Uber, the driver can control the value of each trip made.

The Benefits of Being a Uber Driver

The advantages of being a Uber driver are many, and this justifies the growing interest of many people who want to know how to be a driver of Uber. The first is the possibility of making your own work schedule.

Uber allows you to work on a flexible schedule, even allowing this activity, just a complementary form of income, which is very common in the United States and Europe.

Another advantage of being a Uber driver is that through company associations, you will have discounts on fuel purchases, in specialized workshops, car insurance, and even health plans.

How much does a Uber driver earn?

Another frequent doubt of who wants to know how to be a driver of Uber is precisely on the profits of this activity. According to company data, the net income of a Uber driver is between $ 1200 and $ 2000 per month, discounting the fees charged by Uber.

The company estimates that if a Uber driver works seven to nine hours a day, six days a week with a rest day, and has a good amount of passengers will have a yield of approximately $ 1200 per month.

And drivers who intend to work ten or twelve hours a day, also with six days of work and one of rest and an excellent amount of passengers, will have an estimated gain of $ 2000 per month.

The fees charged by Uber

Another common question among entrepreneurs who want to learn how to be a driver of Uber are the rates charged by the company to provide the facilities and services that allow the existence of the service.

With all the infrastructure offered, Uber charges different prices for the Uber X and Uber Black categories. In the case of Uber X, the rate is 20% of the value of the trip. In the case of Uber Black, this value is approximately 25%.

What It Takes To Be A Driver Of Uber

Now that we’ve seen the benefits and how much you can bill, let’s see what it takes to be a Uber driver. The process is much less bureaucratic than the process for obtaining a traditional license to drive a taxi.

  1. First of all, you need to have a valid driver’s license in addition to the licenses needed to drive professionally in your city.
    2. Certificate of registration and valid vehicle license.
    3. Your vehicle needs to be newer, have four doors, seats for five passengers and have air conditioning.
    4. Insurance of vehicles and passengers.
    5. Proof of criminal record.

    Once all the documents prepared you just have to register on the Uber.com site. After that, you should expect to receive a driver’s license with Uber, then they will provide you with everything you need to succeed as a driver (steps to download the app and a user manual).

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