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How to Become an Interior Decorator Easily

Being an interior decorator is one of the most successful professions of recent times. Professionals who choose this area have a vast field to meet the demand of customers who are crazy about having the house of their dreams.

Thinking about it, in this article, we will give you some tips on how to become an interior decorator and thus, make a lot of money with it, then, it is the service of the future!

What is interior decoration? What is this profession about?

As explicit as the name may seem, the term decorating causes a great deal of confusion in many people’s minds. This is because it is believed that “decorating interiors” means arranging, ordering, decorating, combining colors, placing objects and leaving the most beautiful “interior, room or place”.

However, the truth is that an interior decorator does much more than that. The decoration of a room is one of his works, but not all, not even the main one. To learn how to work with interior decoration it is necessary to understand that the issue goes beyond the decoration, structure, and position of the environments.

The decorator is responsible for thinking and designing solutions that will make the environment (residence, company, etc.) a more affordable, comfortable and useful place. To improve and hinder things, these qualities must be aligned with the taste of the owner.

Therefore, there are two jobs for those who want to work with interior design: planning and execution. The first part consists of the design and the sample for the client. From that, the execution is done which is where you start to do the work and the decoration of the environment.

Who can make interior decorations?

As much as you think you could act in this type of work, only trained and qualified professionals can do this.
The courses or career that makes up this professional are:

1. Architecture and Urbanism.
2. Decor.
3. Interior decoration.

There are also some technical courses that are able to provide the basis for you to perform this function.

How do I know if I have the ability to work with interior decoration?

There are certain features that can help you identify if you have a knack or great ability to work in this market. Remember that even if you are familiar with some of these points, the professional course (either degree or technical) is essential for you to become a professional.

Understand also that, although the work consists of design, you will perform at times, things that have nothing to do with it. It is important to talk about it because some people still have the illusion that by working with what they like, they will only do the things they like, which is not so.

Here are some of the qualities that indicate that you may have the ability to work with interior decoration:

1. Interest in architecture, lighting, and landscaping.
2. Good logical reasoning.
3. Great interest in colors and combinations.
4. Nice to design.
5. Organized.
6. I like to order, organize and decorate the environments of your home.

Segments of interior decoration

Before working for another person or for yourself, you need to know the type of segment in the world of decoration you want to enter. For this, the idea is to analyze what you are best and bet on it to grow and earn more money.
However, it is important that you know and knows how to work in all the segments that we will list below, since with an increasingly demanding market, only stands out, that professional with more technical capacity and knowledge.

Note below which areas you can work as an interior decorator:

Project manager: it is one that offers solutions to the client with respect to its environmental design. For this, he elaborates models and demonstrations with the colors and the perspective of the premises according to his suggestion.
The project leader is the professional responsible for supervising the execution of the work and the purchase of furniture and other accessories. Therefore, he makes the budget and controls everything step by step: from purchase to delivery and assembly.

Furniture Designer: In many cases, instead of buying a ready product, the best solution is to produce something special, for that you need a professional to stay focused on custom furniture design.
Decoration and landscaping: he will take care of the finishing touches, the order of the furniture and the external environment.

Working with interior decoration

Now that you have understood what this profession is about, now, let’s show you how to work with interior decoration. We think of two possibilities where you can act: working for a company or setting up your own business.
First, you have to understand what you want for your life. Some people simply are not born to work for others, some, however, manage to do this with ease.

Either way, it will be necessary for you to become a great professional. And this will happen through much study and practice! After all, in practice, it is where we can understand some concepts that are learned in a classroom (theory).

Working in an architectural or decoration studio

Believe me, most people will choose to work for someone else. If you do, you will need to differentiate yourself from other professionals in your area, so you need a good resume.

It is important that you create a portfolio of your projects (whether they are only models or decorations already implemented). Build simple and practical curriculum vitae, where you talk about your experiences and objectives and start distributing them to the decoration, architecture and construction companies.

The salary of an interior decorator will range from $ 480 to $ 1200 – depending on the company where you work.

Working with a business of your own

To set up an interior decoration business you do not even need to start with an office. Just do a great job of spreading through a website, social networks, distribution of brochures and association with furniture stores.
Maybe you did not know it, but furniture stores or other construction-focused products are often a place where people often ask about decorators. So, through partnerships this way both parties win: they will point you to you, and you will take your customers to always buy there.

At first, it is always difficult, but after getting close with the first customer, the “word of mouth” itself will work for you. On the other hand, with the work completed, you can ask permission from your client to take photographs of the finished environment and start publishing your work even more emphatically.

Having your own business will earn you much more than working for someone else. The average turnover is between $ 800 to $ 60,000 – depending on your production capacity and size of your business.

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