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Bag-on-Valve Filling Solutions – Effective and Sustainable Packaging

When it comes to your packaging, besides design – feasibility and user experience are also equally important. Lately, packaging methods have also become more responsible and sustainable techniques add value to the product. Bag-on-valve is becoming a preferred filling technology for most manufacturers. So what exactly is bag-on-valve?

How Does BoV Work?

We use this technology almost daily and it is based on very simple principles. The components of a bag-on-valve system are the valve (the conduit for product release), the bag (where your product is stored), the product (which could be liquid, gel, ointments or other viscous products), the propellant, the actuator, and the can. The can is similar to an aerosol dispenser (with added benefits) and can be designed in any shape.

Bag-on-valve or BoV as it is known in the short form comprises an aerosol valve with a bag that is welded to it. The propellant fills the space between the outer can and the bag – it squeezes the bag to release the product inside when you press the spray button. The propellant is usually compressed air or nitrogen.

Modern and reputed firms like Signature Filling Company offer bag-on-valve packaging solutions that are well in tune with the best recycling and sustainability practices.

Applications of BoV

The technology is extremely useful for increasing the shelf-life of food and nutrition products. It is a safe method of storage and keeps ingredients fresh and free from contamination. This has helped businesses increase their market reach. Because of mature and scientific production techniques, BoV helps companies handle large-scale production better. It is also an effective storage method for products that are oxygen-sensitive. Bag-on-Valve technology also reduces wastage as it guarantees close to 100% usage of the product.

The fast-growing medical packaging industry also uses BoV packaging to a very large extent. Products are easily stored in a clean and sterile state. Certain medical products can be dispensed without additional bodily contact, maintaining hygiene standards. Some of the common products that are using bag-on-valve include eye wash sprays, saline nasal sprays, medical adhesive removers, and gels for burn injuries.

The controlled spraying mechanism also comes into use for cosmetic products like deodorants and tanning sprays. BoV insulates products very well – a reason why manufacturers of natural cosmetics that have minimal preservatives use this technology.

An Efficient Packaging Solution

There are many benefits of BoV for your business. The technology addresses a diverse range of products, providing an all-encompassing solution. Consumers also enjoy many advantages of bag-on-valve like easy and controlled dispensation, and value for money because of reduced waste. This positive consumer experience is vital to the sustenance of your brand.

It is also environmentally friendly as it does not involve harmful chemicals. The filling process is very effective so you can reduce your packaging and marketing time cycles and improve productivity. If you want to find out more about selling your product in BoV packaging, all you need to do is fill up some basic details and reach out to manufacturers online. Choose this green method, a much better alternative to aerosol cans, and enjoy the rewards of effective, clean and attractive packaging.

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