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8 Business Ideas Related to Technology

If you are a lover of technology and entrepreneurship and are looking for a wonderful idea to open your own business, this article is for you!

I picked up some innovative ideas and some not so much for you to put your hands on the dough and put them into practice, let’s see!

1. Executive Executive Secretary

A remote executive secretary service (from your own home) is the latest fad in small businesses and can be a great opportunity for the entrepreneur who is organized, understands the technology and wants to add value to the businesses of other companies.

Customers of their customers call the company’s phones, which directs the call to their company, which from the caller ID, caters to personalized calls. Ideal for medical offices, law firms, etc.

What small business owner who can not afford the cost of hiring a secretary would not like to offer their clients a more professional and quality service?

2. Sale and installation of alarms for cars

Even though many new cars come equipped with alarms, setting up a car alarm installation business is still a good choice for a new business, especially if the goal is to build a small business with just one person to get a comfortable rental.

The entrepreneur who wants to invest in this segment should be able to establish alliances with used car dealers so that their car dealers can offer a used car with the optional installation of an alarm.

In general, this is a good business option for the entrepreneur who has a strong inclination to learn new things and technical skill.

3. Mobile phone shop and accessories

Spain closed 2015, with 278.5 million mobile phones and an average of 137 mobile phones per 100 inhabitants. Therefore, selling mobile phones and accessories as well as other gadgets are each passing day an increasingly promising way to start a business.

4. Production of corporate videos

Corporate videos have become a very popular marketing tool for businesses all over the world and starting a company that creates high-quality promotional videos can put you on the road to financial freedom.

Without a doubt, this is another project that requires a lot of planning, research, capital investment and experience to operate successfully, but with the growing demand for corporate videos, the time to start a corporate video production service was never better.

Which company would not want to have a YouTube channel to attract more customers?

The service can be marketed directly to potential customers or you can create a joint venture with an advertising, communication or marketing agency that already exists.

Seek to attack a market segment and attract even small businesses to consume this type of service.

5. Sale and installation of alarms for houses

You have three good options to open a security alarm company if you want to be successful.

The first is to sell and install alarms that are monitored remotely; The second is the sale of alarms for residential as well as marketable applications that is not monitored. The third come up to is to sell safety anxiety packets to the owner of the residence and do the installation, DIY ( Do it yourself )

All three approaches have the potential to produce large profits, however, the best approach is to sell and install supervised residential and commercial alarms to generate recurring income through monthly monitoring fees and alarm services, paid by the owner of the house or company.

6. Rental of mobile desks

With the rental of mobile desks, you have an interesting market, usually, individuals and companies attending trade shows, seminars, and conventions, this market are huge creating an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in This segment.

A mobile desktop service can be designed to fit comfortably into a display rack that can be assembled at trade shows and conventions, and services offered to customers may include photocopying, power outlet, typing services, the Internet, email, and fax.

7. Recycling of cartridges

Ink cartridges or toner used in many photocopiers, fax machines and printers can be recycled and this creates an excellent opportunity to get a cartridge recycling business.

The business can be easily done from home and the only requirements to operate our transportation, some basic tools and the ability to refill cartridges with new ink.

Its competitive benefit over trade operations that trade new cartridges for workplace and printing tools is the reality that customers can be offered free and fast delivery of recycled cartridges, which also allows their customers to save up to A 50% compared to the cost of new cartridges.

8. Website Quality Consultant

Become an expert in site review.

As a quality website consultant, you have to visit a client’s site and provide a full report on all the opportunities you are missing.

The report may include a comparison with competing sites, rating, usability and suggestions on how the site can be improved.

These improvements can range from the inclusion of an online chat application to talk with visitors about a change in the style of how the content of the site is presented.

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