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6 books about Business that you should read in 2018

  • New types of companies, new forms of trade and ever-expanding markets mark the topicality of the business world.
  • The professionals of the area must stay updated to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the sector.
  • Books are an excellent resource to learn in a fun and efficient way.

The world of business is constantly changing and 2018 will not be the exception. In fact, at first glance, you can list different changes and trends that mark the way business is done today.

Entrepreneurs in every corner, collaborative projects that arise every month, markets that expand continuously, new systems of sale and distribution of products, ideas that become more or less popular … The truth is that 2018 has much to teach to personnel from the Business field and entrepreneurs from all areas.

Are you passionate about the business world? Are you thinking about starting? Do you have your own business? With these titles, you can adjust to the form of thought and action that dominates today in just a few days. In addition, your learning will be done in an entertaining and agile way.

If that’s your situation, these are the 6 Business books you should read this year:

6 books about Business that you should read in 2018

1) The black book of the entrepreneur, by Fernando

Entrepreneurship for many is a simple task: an idea is created, set in motion and simply the millions begin to arrive and be deposited in the bank’s account without major efforts. Far from resembling this utopia, entrepreneurship involves effort, hard work, mistakes and constant failures.

This is what Fernando tells in his book. The sad side of entrepreneurship, and how each failure can be overcome with the right attitude.

If you are going to undertake this year, this is the ideal book for you.

2) The Lean Startup method by Eric Ries

Startups or new creation companies dominate the current market, imposing their ideology of work towards other sectors. As they focus on obtaining innovation, their methods are replicated by companies around the world.

This book is a kind of guide for those who want to open a startup and succeed, but also for those who want to better understand this business model and therefore the market itself.

3) Never stop, by Phil Knight

Nike is one of the best-known sportswear brands in the world. However, this empire did not emerge from anything but was created by Phil Knight from a simple idea.

In his book – which has been recommended by Bill Gates himself – he explains why an entrepreneur should never stop his dreams.

This is a real must for young entrepreneurs, one of those books that deserve a place of privilege in the library, so that revisit it every day is easier.

4) Give and receive, by Adam Grant

In the business world, it is important to develop interpersonal skills, especially communication skills. But in addition, it is necessary to learn to be a good leader and to get a whole work team to focus their will towards the same goal.

Adam Grant explains it with quality, explaining how the way of relating to other people is the key to success.

5) Are you essential? by Seth Godin

With a clear and direct question, Seth Godin makes clear with the title what he intends to convey throughout his book.

We live in a time where both materials and ideas are disposable. The business world is managed with this culture because it discards everything that does not generate income or profits.

What can you do about it? Consult what Godin asks in his headline. For this reason, the author uses this book as a guide in which he orients the workers so that they can distinguish themselves from the rest and cease to be disposable to become essential.

6) Superjefes of Sydney Finklestein

What is a super boss? He is not the one who is good with all his employees and allows them flexible days and incredible work benefits. But the one who is good with your company.

A true super manager is one who has the ability, knowledge, and skills to manage the company, deal with the management of staff, properly motivate their employees, and at the same time rely on a work team. A super boss is one who inspires those around him with his work and generates real changes in his workers, not only professionally but also personally.

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