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52 Profitable business ideas in the USA

52 Profitable business ideas in the USA

Starting a new business is the dream of many people with an entrepreneurial spirit. However, due to the investment required, this is not always a simple task. However, as always, from the United States come innovative and revolutionary ideas ready to hit hard. Here we are going to present more than 50, although surely there are still more.

1. Presentation of clients USA.

Most entrepreneurs who open a business are specialists in a specific subject (nutrition, interior design, technology, etc.). However, they often do not have enough business skills to find customers to sell their products or, at least, to do on a large scale. It is here where a professional with the contact that one to one with others can make a living.

2. Day Trading USA.

By Day Trading is a practice that seeks to buy and sell shares quickly and frequently during a single trading day with the objective of obtaining good profits in a short time. The potential of this idea is enormous, but so is its risk.

3. Do survey USA.

Most people are often reluctant to fill out surveys free of charge. However, when they are paid, things change. The truth is that today, there are many companies that pay for it. The income obtained is not very high, but the risk is completely zero.

4. Blogging business USA.

Blogs, despite the eruption of social networks, are still very lucrative businesses. Creating a network related to various topics and providing each of the blogs that make up quality content and useful is the key to get good benefits via advertising.

5. Selling homemade products through the Internet USA.

More and more people are going to sell something online. In this sense, having a special ability for the preparation of cookies or soaps or for the manufacture of handmade clothes can be a very interesting business opportunity. You can choose to sell them through a marketplace like eBay or Amazon or opt for an online store of your own.

6. Writing content USA.

The web pages, with the aim of providing quality content to its users and ingratiating themselves with Google to upload positions in their rankings, need writers. In this sense, it is not necessary to have a specific career in this respect but to have writing and research skills on any subject.

7. Sale of services to the Internet USA.

On the Internet, you can hire almost anything. In fact, many SEO positioning professionals, legal counseling, accounting, content writing and many other subjects take advantage of a medium with as much diffusion as this to offer their skills and their work on it.

8. Sell products in a marketplace USA.

The marketplaces like eBay or Amazon are places where anyone can sell their products and make profits. In addition, they allow faster access to a high market share, although you have to pay commissions. In any case, the risk, although high, is less than when setting up an online store of its own.

9. Dog Walker USA.

This society is experiencing a strong growth in respect for animals. Therefore, those who have dogs and, at the same time, are locked in their work for many hours, look for people to walk. Taking out 4 or 5 at a time is possible to get a good profit margin.

10. Real estate agent the USA.

The economic crisis that affected so much the real estate market in the past, at last, is falling behind. Therefore, this profession returns to generate good income and opportunities, especially in terms of rentals, but also, to a lesser extent, in sales.

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11. Youtuber USA.

The YouTuber profession is not exclusively tied to the younger ones. And is that anyone who is able to create videos fun, useful and hooked can attract followers, visits and, consequently, money. In addition, YouTube is usually an unfinished platform. Either you earn a lot or very little.

12. Set up an online car spares shop USA.

More and more people, instead of taking their car to the workshop, try to fix it for themselves. In this sense, they usually search the online stores for those parts they need to get it. This is the reason why these types of businesses are so fashionable.

13. E-commerce for local stores USA.

Most small neighborhood stores, due to the small volume of business they own, do not find it profitable to have a web page of their own. However, this problem can be solved by joining together and offering the products together.

14. Set up a clothing store the USA.

Clothing is always a profitable business. Whether it is through the Internet, a medium in which these businesses are proliferating at speed exponentially, as if it is physical, the opportunities are many. And is that you can choose to sell clothing at low prices to the general public or focus on a particular niche with more expensive creations.

15. Virtual Assistant USA.

Fortunately, today, many tasks that previously required being present in the offices of a company can be done telemetrically. In fact, on many occasions, companies prefer this to be so as they can save costs. In addition, a single virtual assistant can operate for several businesses and multiply their profits.

16. Providing mobile catering services the USA.

More and more restaurant owners and catering services offer their services through mobile apps. In this sense, this business model can be carried out through the ordering formula or through the demand for the installation of a mobile station from which to serve food, for example.

17. Tutoring USA.

Those who are specialists in any discipline have the opportunity to tutor and teach others through the Internet. To do this, they often use online portals and resources such as chat platforms, audiovisual content, etc.

18. Designing WordPress Themes USA.

When creating your own web pages, WordPress, due to its simplicity, is one of the most used platforms. However, most users do not have advanced knowledge in design, so, in many cases, they require the services of qualified professionals who make the appearance of your portal is unique and away from the predefined themes.

19. Practice as a personal trainer USA.

Those who spend half a life in the gym to improve their physique, sooner or later, run into the opportunity to advise others to achieve the goals they seek. Body worship and healthy living habits are more fashionable than ever before, so there is no shortage of clients for these professionals who usually do not need a great deal of knowledge in the field.

20. Set up a cleaning business USA.

Cleaning companies are probably the simplest and the least risky. In addition, demand is virtually unlimited. And it is that all the centers of offices, buildings, and factories and, in short, any enclosure, needs of this service of habitual way.

21. Selling photographs the USA.

Many have an SLR camera and honestly, do not know how to write it down. A good way is to take pictures that can later be sold to companies to carry out their advertising campaigns or illustrate their blog posts. There is a wide variety of image funds on the Internet, which gives a good indication of the existing demand.

22. Cooking USA.

But not in a restaurant. There are a few who, having good culinary skills, start preparing tastings in their own neighborhood and giving them to try their neighbors too, later, start selling their dishes. In addition, it can be accompanied with explanatory videos that are then uploaded to YouTube to generate visits. In any case, it is an ideal formula to make you known and start creating the foundations of a profitable business.

23. Create a local web page USA.

Creating a specific portal for a neighborhood, town or district is often synonymous with benefits. Generally speaking, small local communities do not usually have places where they can freely express themselves or advertise or be aware of what happens in the place where they live.

24. Develop a website under the membership formula the USA.

The best thing about web pages that work under the membership model is that they generate steady and secure income. However, we must take care of quality and utility to the maximum since, generally, users are hesitant to subscribe and pay the monthly fee at first. This model usually works especially well when they specialize in technological products.

25. Pet Care USA.

Pet owners not only want to keep them well-kept in terms of taking them for a walk and giving them quality feed but also want them to be neat and look good. Therefore, those who specialize in the washing and styling of dogs and other companion animals are often highly quoted.

26. Development of mobile games the USA.

Mobile video games do not have to be overly complex. In many cases, some knowledge of Java is enough and a good idea to enjoy thousands of downloads. What’s the key? Let the mechanics of the game be as addictive as possible.

27. Bicycle rental and group excursions USA.

It requires a strong initial investment, but the truth is that more and more are encouraged to move within the city by bike and do not find the possibility of doing so with the municipal services offered. Also, knowing the natural surroundings of the surroundings leads many to organize guided tours and cycling tours. If they take place on weekends, there is always demand.

28. Marketing in social networks the USA.

Social networks are communicative means whose limits are still unknown. However, what is clear is that it is ideal to be known among the public. Having the ability to manage communities on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and a good direction to digital content will be the key to the success of many businesses.

29. Repairing Mobile Device Screens USA.

The smartphones and tablets, unfortunately, have a bad habit of falling often. And, when this happens, it is not strange that your screen is broken and its replacement is necessary. This process, in general, is quite simple but, at the same time, it is inaccessible for the average user. Knowing how to change them is always synonymous with success since there is a lot of demand for this service.

30. Create differentiating curriculum USA.

Highlighting in a selection process and getting a job, especially when it requires great qualification, is not easy. In fact, for this, the curriculum is an essential tool. Composing it may seem easy, but the truth is that, as anyone can do, it is not easy to stand out from the competition. Promoting this service and guaranteeing success is possible to earn enough money without any risk.

31. Create a public relations agency the USA.

Businesses generally seek public relations that serve to promote and publicize their products and services to a particular niche market. Best of all is that this model can be carried out through a company or as a freelancer as it does not require great resources but good skills.

32. Development of social photo exchange applications the USA.

Users of mobile devices are looking for applications through which they can share, quickly and conveniently, the photos they make with their cameras. And, in this sense, the traditional ones are usually slow and do not offer all the guarantees of privacy that could be ideal. As with video games, this is a pretty safe bet.

33. Provide courses through the web USA.

Online training is fashionable. This is mainly because many people try to recycle and reinvent themselves professionally, but at the same time, because of their personal circumstances, they cannot do courses in person. Therefore, having a teaching qualification on a subject offers the possibility of offering them through the Internet and recruiting students.

34. Custom garment making the USA.

There are many people tired of the fashion proposals offered by the big stores and brands. For this reason, they look for designers who are in charge of creating garments that will only show them and that are in accordance with their tastes and preferences. In addition, they are often willing to pay enough money.

35. Sell a website the USA.

Some people, in the past, had a blog or a web that they spent a lot of time and ended up getting a good volume of traffic. However, because of fatigue or lack of time, they left them abandoned. No doubt, there are many users and companies interested in buying them. And, in the end, they allow you to skip the initial phase, which is the most complex of the business.

36. Parking applications in cities USA.

It seems incredible, but in most countries, there are no services that indicate where there are and were not places to park. In this sense, creating an application that reports on this issue will certainly be synonymous with success. And it would provide the opportunity to save a lot of time.

37. Offer security services in WordPress USA.

WordPress is the world’s most used web-creation platform and, consequently, the most attacked by hackers. This is why most homeowners are looking for security services that ensure the confidentiality of stored data and the efficiency of the economic transactions carried through them.

38. Create a job filtering platform the USA.

Looking for work usually requires spending hours looking through thousands of offers. However, when a business contacts the business directly and has a database of job seekers, the process is greatly simplified. This is the path through which this model advances, so it is worth to bet on it.

39. Data analytics the USA.

The Big Data is the basis on which is founded the online business today. Of course, in this discipline, web analytics, since it allows to reveal patterns and trends of the users, is of great value for the companies.

40. Bicycle repair the USA.

In an earlier point, it was commented that the bicycles, within the cities, are more and more used. This obviously causes its components to fail. So, whether selling them over the Internet or offering assembly and repair services, here is the business. In addition, since the main cost is labor, it usually generates a good return.

41. SEO Consultant USA.

All web pages want to appear as high as possible in Google search rankings. However, due to competition, this is not a simple task, which makes the services of specialized SEO consultants are highly demanded.

42. Event Planning USA.

Organizing a wedding, a christening or a conference is something really complex. So much so that many people are not able to combine this activity with their daily work. For this reason, they often resort to a specialized and experienced professional who is responsible, based on their tastes and preferences, to make everything come out perfect.

43. Import specialist USA.

The world of business is becoming more globalized and, therefore, it is common for stores to sell products from abroad. However, in many cases, it is necessary to overcome certain complex legal procedures. Having the ability to do so is synonymous with stable income.

44. Specialized computer training USA.

Most users are able to work with text editors, databases, etc. However, when it comes to working with graphic design, database management, or business planning programs, things change. Providing tutoring and training services often works quite well.

45. Recording Product Promotional Videos USA.

Video has become the most effective format when it comes to promoting a product. After all, they allow you to see it in action and observe in detail all its characteristics. To record them you only need a good camera and a good dose of creativity. Putting the price below what the specialized agencies ask for and guaranteeing quality, the demand is assured.

46. Creating viral videos the USA.

Creating viral videos for YouTube and other social networks is not easy as it requires connecting with the audience and squandering creativity. However, there are people who, because of their originality, have the facility to do so. In this sense, these contents are the Holy Grail for companies as it allows them to reach a large volume of public quickly.

47. Sale of health products and nutritional supplements the USA.

The concern of this society for health and well-being makes every day a good volume of related queries in Google have to do with the purchase of natural products with medicinal effects and nutritional supplements to take care of food.

48. Find jewels on the beach in the USA.

It may seem a bit bizarre but the truth is that on the beaches you can find countless objects of value. Beyond what people lose in them, there are countless stones that go unnoticed for most people but, if they are recognized, they can have a good sale value. It’s amazing how many people make a living this way.

49. Teaching to play an instrument USA.

All people, at some point, have the dream of learning to play the guitar, the piano or any other instrument. In these cases, it is normal to resort to someone who teaches, at least, to take the first steps with him. Also, this business model can also be understood as giving private lessons to those who are in the first conservatory courses and who need additional support.

50. Marketing of unique gift baskets the USA.

Making baskets and filling them with specific products according to the customer’s demand is undoubtedly a very interesting gift choice. After all, these are personalized and unique gifts that cannot be found in any mall.

51. Reseller hosting in the cloud USA.

On many occasions, web page managers are forced to hire a higher cloud storage capacity than they need. In these cases, it may be interesting to resell that space or rent it to other portals. It may not be a way to generate the large income, but it can provide economic support for one’s own business.

52. Open a coffee shop the USA.

The cult for coffee transgresses borders. In fact, if before people settled for any roasted served in a glass; today they want an Arabic with nuances and peculiar flavors that they can enjoy for a long time. For this reason, coffee businesses are growing like foam due to this change in consumption model.

These 52 business ideas imported from the United States are meant to work anywhere. In fact, many of them have already done so, so they are a guarantee for those courageous entrepreneurs in constant search for new models with which they can obtain a good profitability.

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