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5 Ways To Make Money With T-Shirts Business

5 Ways To Make Money With T-Shirts Business:

Working with shirts is something seemingly simple, but there are many ways to benefit from this type of clothing, and for more, that does not suit a business model, you will have other alternatives so you can make money with t-shirts in your day to day.

So, if you are looking for a business idea with a low initial cost and that can provide you an optimum profitability, I think it is worthwhile to continue reading this article, as you will find 5 ideas to make money with t-shirts currently, ranging from Options that require a high initial investment, up to small business models that can start with less than $ 1500, so keep reading!

1.- Make money with a t-shirt factory

Making shirts can be a great way to offer your products to various types of companies, in various locations in your area or even in your country. Right here, in my area, I know a factory that works only with plain shirts and provides its products ready to be stamped in various state enterprises!

All you will need in the beginning will be adequate machinery, good fabrics, quality seamstresses and the association with good companies that go to buy wholesale. Obviously, the initial cost will not be anything low, since we are talking about setting up a small factory, but you can start with about $ 6,000 and $ 30,000.

2.- Setting up a kiosk or stand for t-shirts

If you live in a tourist city, here’s a good idea: set up a kiosk or stand for t-shirts.The advantage of the kiosk is that it is a small business and can be assembled with a low initial investment , all you have to do, to make money with t-shirts this way, is to buy T-shirts ready to sell or even buy plain T-shirts To customize them to the moment, according to the taste of each client. If your goal is to customize the shirts themselves, you will need a stamping machine, you also need to have several types of prints available or even create the prints instantly on the computer for each customer.

3.- Make money selling personalized t-shirts online

There are several websites that work with a sales system where the customer chooses the type of shirt, sends the desired print, the payment is made, and the shirt is prepared according to that request, then it is sent by mail to the address the clients.

It is a simple business that requires a low initial cost and that can give you amazing results, since your online store is able to sell to your entire country of origin, rather than selling only in your city. In addition, many of the costs are minimized because the T-shirt is produced only after the customer orders and payment, so there is practically no loss, but on the other hand, it is necessary to build a well-structured and capable site. Provide all necessary functions, plus have a team ready to manufacture and print the shirts.

4.- Riding a T-Shirt Stamper

Many people want tips on how to make money with T-shirts and one of the most interesting options would be to open a stamper centered on these products or maybe you can even diversify and stamp mugs, hats, sneakers and many other common items. Either way, the focus of a t-shirt printing workshop is to customize these products to large factories or even to individual shirts that people want to give an innovative face, so it is a very big business, which can satisfy both Individuals and small businesses that require stamping services.

This requires a legal working structure, which has machines for stamping, designs to create the prints on the computer, and some employees to take care of the practical part of the stamping.

5.-Buy imported t-shirts to resell

I could not finish this list of ways to make money with T-shirts without talking about imported T-shirts, which usually come from the United States and are from famous big brands around the world, such as Hollister, Abercrombie, Aeropostale and many others. Obviously, this is a different business from the others I mentioned here, because you will simply import the shirts, which come directly from the factories in the United States for sale in your home country with a high gain and all this because Famous brand jerseys are highly sought after by Hispanics and interested people pay a high price for these items.

To give you an idea, a Hollister T-shirt costs an average of $ 45 in Latin America, but interestingly, the same T-shirt can be purchased directly from the factory for less than $ 15. So, as you can see, it’s a lucrative business, In which, all you need is to learn the correct method of import to start making your purchases.

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