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5 reasons to incorporate a POS in your trade

Last year it closed with a new record in the number of dating in Spain, more than 1.65 million. This trend is not accidental as having a POS has a number of advantages that are difficult to resist.

Among all the data that can be used to show the good health of the Point of Sale terminals there is one quite revealing: last year they had withdrawn until September 87,600 million euros of the cashiers of the whole country, meanwhile, users made purchases in TPV for a value of 91.2 billion euros. According to the Bank of Spain, this is the first time that POS sales have outperformed cash withdrawals at the ATM; if we add that there are already more than 1.65 million POS in Spain – a new record -, we find a clear trend both among traders and customers: payment with POS is fashionable.

And it does not seem like a fashion that is passed, but a trend that has come to stay, given the advantages offered to both the seller and the buyer. Let’s review them.

Reason 1. You offer the complete service

Nothing worse than that moment when your client wants to pay the bill – say, a good lunch – and we tell you that we can not charge you with a card. What happens if you do not carry cash? This uncomfortable situation goes beyond a timely moment and generates a bad experience just at the decisive moment in which you will receive payment for the services offered.

This inconvenience not only leaves a bad impression, but makes us less attractive as a trade and, of course, less efficient, as we will see below.

Reason 2. Speed up when necessary

That your customers have enjoyed a relaxed meal does not mean that, at the time of payment, they must also wait for the account, the change … that process that a POS quickly speeds up and that can save valuable seconds or minutes in those moments of the day in which more sales are made and it is important to serve the customers with the maximum diligence.

As it does? We speak, for example, of contact less cards, which simply bring the ‘plastic’ to the POS do the collection. In addition, if the amount of money to be charged is small, nor does it even require the use of PIN by the client, which saves even more time.

Reason 3. Helps you better control your accounts

Modern POS systems offer multiple options so that we can keep all sales up to date and retrieve valuable data. All this information will help us, later, to make decisions that benefit our business.

For example, through POS payment we can access objective data about our customers’ loyalty, such as their demographic segment and their main postal codes of origin.

In addition, with a POS, you can access all the benefits of Commerce360, a tool that will help you to attract new customers and improve your sales.

Reason 4. Avoid payment of counterfeit money

With a POS you can banish forever that marker that indicated if you had been paid with a fake ticket. The payment with a card has brought with it that this type of illegalities can be prevented more and more easily. To that we must join that in case of robbery, we will have less cash available in the box and the losses will be smaller.

Reason 5. Choose your advantage

The daily use of a POS will reveal the many advantages it entails, which would be difficult to summarize here: ease of payment for foreigners who have not changed currency, simplification of the return of money, display with 14 different languages …

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