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5 Industrial Lubricants That Will Get the Job Done

It can be harder than you’d think to find a good industrial lubricant. With so many products on the market, how are you supposed to distinguish the good from the bad? For that matter, how can you be sure that you’re getting a worthwhile deal on anything at all? Instead of worrying, just choose from one of these five products. Though they differ in size, strength and form, they’re all respectable choices for your next industrial lubricant.

1. HD-100

Available in both pails and jugs, HD-100 is a great lubricant that’s suitable for a variety of equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re drilling, sawing, stamping or machining; the HD-100 can handle it all. It has a high burn-off temperature anywhere that it’s applied, and it has anti-wear characteristics to boot. You could do much worse than the HD-100.

2. MS-8 Spray Lubricant

This handheld spray mixture is perfect for hard-to-reach corners where your automated machines struggle to lubricate themselves. While it doesn’t have any special properties, it’s a solid all-purpose mixture that can be used on most surfaces without negative consequences. Consider the MS-8 if you need a steady, dependable lubricant for your workplace.

3. LD-300A

Are you tired of leaving sticky residue on anything that needs lubricating? LD-300A is the answer. It’s a non-ferrous mixture with a low viscosity that won’t leave any kind of trail on your tools or machines. It won’t hurt rubbers or plastics, either, so it’s suitable for all kinds of materials.

4. MB-SBL Solid Block

Not all lubricants come in liquid form. The MB-SBL, for example, is sold in blocks, and a 100-piece case will offer dozens and dozens of handheld squares that can be utilized on a variety of machines. Each block measures 3.2 ounces in total, so keep that in mind when calculating lubrication amounts.

5. MD-200

Unlike some of the more finicky products on the list, MD-200 can handle metals, plastics, rubbers and woods with ease. While not quite strong enough to classify as a heavy-duty lubricant, it’s much tougher than the general, all-purpose kind, so it’s a good upgrade if the old stuff isn’t cutting it anymore. As with others in the MD line, it’s available by jug, pail or case.

Whether you’re looking for CNC lubricants or something else entirely, these are the products that will grease your tools and machines to their maximum operational efficiency. Happy shopping!

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