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25 ideas for business creation in tourism in 2019

25 ideas for business creation in tourism in 2019

With strong growth worldwide, tourism has many business opportunities both in France and abroad.

However, tourism is a risky business sector and subject to strong variations:

seasonal variations,
variations related to the political or economic context,
variations related to traveler expectations and destination trends …
The “static” actors or those who do not call into question are therefore ultimately threatened.

To create a tourist company can touch in different fields: the preparation of the stay, the solutions of routing, the lodging, the activities during the stay (sports and others), the souvenirs of the voyage … In all the cases and taking into account the strong competition, you will have to imagine an original and innovative tourist offer.

If you want to start a business in the tourism sector, start by taking stock of yourself:

1.What are your skills and know-how?
2.Which languages do you speak ?
3.What do you like about tourism? Contact, discovery, culture, transmission?
4.Where do you go / can you work?

World tourism: market elements.

World tourism is up 7% on average a year, a strong rebound since the early 2010s. Europe and Africa are the destinations that are progressing the most, especially around the Mediterranean. Spain is on track to overtake the United States for the place of 2nd tourist country. France remains No. 1 in terms of the number of entries.

Here are the main trends in world tourism:

Certain segments are particularly well oriented: Eco-tourism, cultural trips (spiritual or historical pilgrimages), wellness trips, trips with friends, accommodation offering contact with the inhabitant, etc.

Travelers are more and more attentive to their budget and are willing to spend tithe me to find the best prices,
it is a market in the process of advanced digitization: 90% of stays and activities are prepared on the internet.

Online booking platforms are triumphing and independent accommodation is under threat. Online testimonials and reviews become unavoidable.

The virtual reality could further revolutionize the industry a few years.

In this context, it will be necessary to distinguish yourself by an innovative tourism product and a successful internet strategy, whatever your project.

Now, here are some ideas for starting a business in tourism.

25 ideas for business creation in tourism.

Idea no-1: Filming your travels, create a YouTube channel and monetize it.

Idea no-2: Propose yoga holidays in the countryside.

Idea No-3: Create cottages or guest rooms.

Idea No-4: Create a giant plant labyrinth in the tourist area.

Idea No-5: Open a tourist center offering cooking courses for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Idea No-6: Take back a hotel in the tourist area.

Idea No-7: To propose tourist stays + training course of photo and video.

Idea No-8: Take back a campground and create unusual accommodations.

Idea No-9: Create an agency offering detox treatments of one week.

Idea No-10: Create an electronic postcard company , listing the photos of all the towns and villages of France.

Idea No-11: Create a travel agency specializing in new destinations (countries in the process of opening). See our article on creating a travel agency.

Idea No-12: Create an educational farm in partnership with a tourist place.

Idea No-13: Create an internet comparative of the cost of the destinations (country).

Idea No-14: Create a 2CV rental agency for foreign tourists on holiday in France.

Idea No-15: Become a speaker on the theme of travel and meetings. It will be necessary to define a specific theme to be recognized as an expert on his field.

Idea No-16: Open a local heritage museum .

Idea No-17: Create a social network of travel memories.

Idea No-18: To settle down like tourist guide. See our dedicated article.

Idea No-19: Create a travel agency specializing in home stays.

Idea No-20: Create a medieval restaurant with tales and historical stories.

Idea No-21: Open a shop of local products and launch its artisan canning factory.

Idea No-22: Create a bike trip magazine .

Idea No-23: Create a blog about tourism, a particular destination or a style of travel. See our article Create a blog and live it.

Idea No-24: Edit a tour guide presenting only amazing or exceptional addresses.

Idea No-25: Write and publish a series of books on the theme of travel and world cultures. See our dedicated article.

The steps to create a business in tourism.

Here are some of the essential steps to start a business in the tourism sector:

1.Take stock of yourself, your expectations, your skills,
2.Conduct a market study: click here to read the method,
3.Identify an original tourist concept and validate it with your future customers by a questionnaire,
4.Start concretely building your project; build a business plan,
5.Think about ways to make yourself known, especially on the internet (unavoidable for tourist activities),
6.Seek help or funding if you need it,
7.Choose your legal status,
8.Take professional liability insurance ,

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