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25 Businesses Idea 2018, You Can Start For Less Than $ 100

Are there really businesses that you can start for less than $ 100?

Laurie Davis started a dating website with $ 50 and a Twitter account with reports the young, fabulous and self-employed magazine (Young, Fabulous and Self-Employed). His company has been profiled as successful by the New York Times, The Washington Post, Good Morning America and many other media.

Starting something online may be an obvious choice, but the variety of businesses you can start at less than $ 100 could surprise you. Some can be started without investing their time. The key is to find the lowest cost to make a sale and then take advantage of your profits for the next step. Some entrepreneurs have improved their way to millions with the use of this basic formula.

You will have to decide for yourself when you “formalize” your company by creating a legal structure with LLC, buying liability insurance and such. To get advice on these issues you can meet with SCORE volunteers, and there are even places where you can get cheap legal help. Meanwhile, why not take out a $ 100 bill and take a look at what you can do with it?

25 Businesses You Can Start For Less Than $ 100

1.- Auto parts

To demonstrate the range of possible companies that can start at less than $ 100, we start with a little bit likely.
Steve Farmer, after graduating from college, decided to start a wholesale business of auto parts. He said: “Within two weeks, I had started my own business with $ 50, built it and ran it for almost three years.” He used his car until he could afford a truck, and made his way to success. Finally, he sold that business and started a new one, this time a candy store.

2.-ClickBank products.

To start a digital products business without the investment, open a free ClickBank account and promote the articles on your Facebook or blog page.
Once you earn a commission, you can pay the $ 49.95 fee to start a provider account. Next, create an electronic book in PDF on any topic that you know very well (or research), and you can start selling immediately. ClickBank takes 1 $ plus 7.5 percent of each sale, but you can set the price and decide how much you want to share with the thousands of affiliates who can also sell your product (50 percent is common).
Some sellers claim to have made tens of millions of dollars in sales through ClickBank.

3.-Used books.

When you see a textbook in a sale of used items, visit Bookscouter with your smartphone.
See what the buyers are paying, and then offer half of that or less. Large margins are in textbooks, but online shoppers accept many types of used books, and often pay to carry them with a printable label.
Once you have mastered the market, you can avail your profits at the extension, perhaps by making some line of arbitration buying cheap used books to eBay auctions to sell to large online sellers.

4.- Painting houses.

In many states, like Florida for example, you do not need a license to be a painting contractor. And if you start with the interior painting, you can do it with a minimum of equipment.
You can learn some tips from YouTube videos on home painting, free Home Depot workshops and some painting practices around your own home. Matt Shoup tells US News & World Report that he started with $ 100 and went door-to-door, finally building a painting business with annual revenues of $ 2.5 million.

5.- Window cleaning.

The other business that can start for less than $ 100 is a window cleaning business. However, to effectively clean windows in a retail store, you may need more than $ 100 of equipment. So start with basic houses and methods, and make the best use of your income.
You can learn the business online from any series of tutorials.

6.-Pet care.

Pet sitters commonly charge up to $ 100 for the night and $ 20 for the typical 20-minute visit. You can start by offering your services to friends and family and use the profits to build your professional credentials, perhaps by joining an organization such as the National Association of animal care professionals.
To grow this business with a large income, you should eventually hire employees to help you.

7.-Taxi service.

With platforms that share this service like Uber, you can use the car you own today without spending a penny.

If everything goes well, you could take advantage of the money you make for the purchase of a regular taxi or a chauffeur service.
Of course, once again, if you want higher profits in your goal you should eventually hire employees or sub-contractors.


It is one of the businesses that can start for less than $ 100. It used to be more difficult to market tutoring services previously, but now with online platforms, it is easier than ever.
If you are able to help students with subjects, sign up on a website at Tutor.com. If you prefer to teach people on a wide variety of topics, such as chess, sports, cooking, or singing, try Wysant.com. The tutors usually charge up to $ 50 per hour, and although these sites take a healthy percentage of what they offer, but have no cost to start. From there, you can build a local clientele and start hiring others to work for your company.

9.-Service of a guide for a tour.

Once again, the Internet has made all the difference in lowering the barriers to starting a business.
Forget business cards (at least at the beginning) or try to get help from travel agencies to recommend your guide service. If you know a good area, simply register at a site like Vayable.com and allow your customers to find your services for a not-so-high price.

10.-Preparation of Taxes.

What better (and cheaper) way to learn from a business than to be paid for its training?
Look for “tax preparation without any experience” on job websites like Indeed.com. You will find many companies willing to train you for jobs that prepare income tax returns (at least during the fiscal season). Once you have a good season, it’s time to take the road of your own free will.

11.- Floor business.

Toby Woodward has been in the flooring business for twenty-five years. He told construction news: “I started my business with $ 50 and a box of business cards.” His company, Aladdin’s flats, started doing just the installation to avoid the need to invest in a new inventory.

12.- Cleaning service.

Again, think about the entry point at a low cost to keep your startup costs of less than $ 100. You can clean houses with all the equipment and supplies you already use to clean your own house and then invest the profits in specialized equipment for other clients.
Carrie H Johnson was divorced and living in the homes of low-income families when she started a cleaning business with friends, she explains on her website. She prospered and built a multi-million dollar business with 165 employees.

13.- Flea market.

Flea markets are alive and well in many parts of the country, and you can locate those closest to you with an online guide. Start with a tight budget, find a market that allows you to pay a space for a day (often less than $ 20). While you are there, look for a cheap place where you can invest your profits.
What profits? This is what he did selling everything in his house that on the other hand he would have given away or would have dumped in a sale of articles for charity purposes.

14.-Ebay offers.

Everyone can start on eBay for less than 100 dollars. Start selling things that you have nearby and no longer use, with the money you earn you can find your market segment. For example, some suppliers pass it on the list of the best searches and some second-hand stores to find cheap products that can be resold.

15.-Homemade soaps.

If you can read and follow the instructions of an online course for the manufacture of soaps, you can obtain a basic knowledge of the craft manufacturing of them. With the use of relatively few materials and tools. To make soap, several types of oil are mixed with bleach and aromas. A basic mold for 12 bars can be purchased from Amazon for less than $ 10.
Of course, you can not compete with mass-produced soaps, so you’ll want to make specialized products. It can be very helpful to find a new smell or creative approach to packaging and marketing. You can sell to friends initially, or invest in a stand at a market or show art.

16.- Product delivery service.

If you own a car you have what you have to start delivering groceries. While Webvan and others have not been able to work large-scale grocery delivery, there is a market for people with free time, as evidenced by many buying services that are online now.
To make the delivery economic for the client and quite efficient for you when making a decent profit, you should attend a very limited area. You could start by approaching older residents in a housing complex, making a promising delivery of just two days per week in order to deal with as many orders as you can immediately.

17.- Service of errands.

An errand service can be a business natural for mooring in food delivery or vice versa. Again, if you already have a car, you are ready to start. Often, people need someone to check their dog at home or someone to run to the store if they are confined to their homes.
To start almost free of charge, and to have an idea of what kind of work the company could involve, register with TaskRabbit.com, an online platform that connects the people who need to send errands with those willing to do them, agreeing on a price among those interested. This eliminates the need to spend money on marketing (at least initially).
You could discover a particular place that satisfies you and is helpful. For example, if you get many calls to bring pets to examine the veterinarian, you could reposition them as a favorite taxi service.

18.-Independent barman.

You can learn how to mix any of the thousands of drinks with an online cocktail guide that is free but gets help from an independent waiter who hires for an event. You could start volunteering to attend a bar at charity events, this being a good way to gain experience and explore the potential market and the payment of clients in this way.
Entrepreneur.com reports startup costs are “less than $ 2,000.” But you can keep it below $ 100 if you start with customers who have the necessary equipment or are bartenders in places where expectations are minimal. Entrepreneur.com says that you can “earn up to $ 300 per day when calculating your salary plus your tips.”

19.-Dog trainer.

This is one of those businesses in which I probably would not enter without previous experience. On the other hand, you can get an idea online looking for the necessary skills or on television (With Cesar Milan’s program). There are also many dog training seminars on YouTube. A period at a local pet store could also help, and you will make at least the minimum wage while getting your education and experience.
You can start the business at home to keep costs down. Pet owners can bring their dogs there, as well as anything else. To build your reputation, you can train friends’ dogs for free or at a discount and be sure to get testimonials to put on your website (eventually).

20.- Direct delivery products.

What makes the rest delivery so attractive that it is exactly direct, that is, it is already ready; There are no large startup costs or expensive investments in inventory. You can sell products online, collect, pay suppliers, and send products – even with your company’s logo if you wish.
There are many suppliers with online delivery products. Some provide a variety of products, or, if you are going to specialize in a product or product line, you can find a manufacturer that has the capability of direct delivery. Just do your research and make sure you have found a serious company.

21.-Social network advisor.

In business, entrepreneurs need great help with social networks. In particular, they need tweet on Twitter and post on Facebook in order to raise awareness of the population of their companies and promote their products. You may already know how to use these and many other social media platforms.
Learn a little more with online tutorials on how to become a social media consultant. Get in touch with everyone you know to see if they need this valuable service. Enlargement will require hiring others at some time, so you can concentrate on getting new clients.

22.-Virtual assistant.

If you have a phone, a computer and Internet access, you can become a virtual assistant. The work can be very different with each client, but it can include the preparation of reports, research, editing, management of social networks, appointment setting and many other services.
On her website, Amy Andrews says “I can say from personal experience, it’s a great opportunity to work at home and many people could do it.”

23.-Recycle metal scrap.

A search of your garage and she can be all you need to start a scrap recycling business. It is one of those companies that can start for less than $ 100. Copper and aluminum are the most valuable of all common metals, and almost every community has one or more buyers of scrap metal. Once you have made your first sale, start looking for new sources.
You can find all the tips you need in an online scrap discussion forum. How big can a business like this grow? Stephen Greer went to Hong Kong with almost nothing after college and built a scrap recycling business with a value of $ 250 million, according to his book, “From Scrap: A Story of Business Success”


Okay, so you already know enough about a subject to advise others, but you do not have the money to properly start an advisor business. Start anyway!

Once you have a few clients who value your expertise to more than a luxury presentation, you can spend part of your earnings to build a more professional organization.

25.- Design of logos.

If you have an artistic inclination, logo design is a relatively simple business to start with. You can give service to the high range, making unique logos, or provide low-cost designs that start from templates and are modified to suit the client.

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