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20 Supper business ideas for college / University students

The University period although it is true that it is one of the best, beautiful and joyful stages that young people can spend, full of dreams, dreams, goals to achieve, friends, study partners and entertainment, is also one of the stages Where good economic resources are required especially in those countries where higher education is not free, or where the career to study is not in the study curricula of public universities and therefore should go to a private university; Or in the case of moving from the city of origin to another place in the country or outside it.

Generally parents cannot cover such expenses, except for parents who have sufficient financial resources and can take care of all the needs of their child during this time; Therefore it is necessary for the young student to perform some work activities in his free time in order to obtain the resources he needs to cover all his expenses or to obtain extra resources that together with the ones sent by his parents help him to cover them , Such as tuition or registration fees, purchase of texts, study materials, attendance at conferences or conferences, food, lodging, transportation, dress, food, personal items, etc., without forgetting some entertainment expenses .

This is why in this article we present a series of business ideas that can be done during the time they are free, without this means at any time neglecting or not giving due importance to their studies.

Business ideas that college students can do

    1. Buy and resell different kinds of goods such as clothes, jewelry, perfumes, handbags, necklaces, textbooks, study guides, pens, notebooks, etc.
    2. To serve as instructors to other students in the subjects that the latter are more complicated.
    3. Offer the service to walk the dogs of the neighbors and bathe them.
    4. Washing and polishing cars on weekends.
    5. Serve as animators of children’s parties.
    6. Vehicle surveillance service during various activities that take place in the city on weekends.
    7. Work for hours on source sodas, cafes, cybercafé, photocopiers, food sales such as hamburgers, hot dogs, cakes, pies, natural juices.
    8. Work as instructors in gyms.


  1. Take care of children for hours or not for the elderly.
  2. Write articles for the internet or create a blog with topics of your choice.
  3. Cleaning of homes or other cleaning businesses in general.
  4. Set up a vending machine business.
  5. Start a business of tattoos and piercings, very popular in the university age.
  6. Perform mysterious customer services for businesses, companies, etc.
  7. Work painting walls in houses, businesses, schools.
  8. Work as a freelancer on the internet, if you have skills in web design, graphic design, writing, etc.
  9. Sell used or second-hand items.
  10. Work as a tourism guide.
  11. Work as a dispatcher in the streets.
  12. If you have computer skills and you know how to format computers, you can offer services of formatting computers, laptops, cell phones at home.

All these ideas that we have mentioned, as well as others that can be put into practice, will help them to obtain the economic resources they need for their studies and maintenance in general, and the best of all is that they will not take away much time to dedicate themselves to them, Because they can perform as we said in free time, during the holidays, holidays, seasons, etc. And even make savings for the next semester or university year.

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