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15 Profitable and Sustainable Business Ideas

There are several business ideas that exist today, however, not all are economically viable or sustainable. Profitability and sustainability are two of the most important things you should think about before starting a business.

A sustainable business means that it is able to last for a long time, usually between 10 to 20 years. While a profitable business means that it generates great profits and the final result in your accounts is positive, otherwise it is just an occasion business. Listing ideas are easy, however when analyzing in detail not all meet the above criteria. Let’s see.

1. Open an outdoor gym – 80% of people who go to the gym, goes in the summer, therefore, setting up an outdoor gym during this time of year is a good business opportunity.

2. Delivery of food at home – Many people face two dilemmas: they do not have time to cook and do not want to eat in a restaurant. For this reason, opening a company delivering the main dishes of restaurants at home is a profitable and sustainable business.

3. Human Resource Consulting for Low-Income People – People with low incomes often look for alternatives to earn extra income or find a new job that offers higher pay.

4. Car Design – Car design is one of the services in the automotive sector that is worth it since it makes a used car look almost like new. Many car dealers usually use this service on vehicles for sale, in order to impress future owners.

5. Real Estate International – Although the local and national real estate market is not with good prospects for the future, several foreign investors are interested in acquiring properties throughout the country. Take advantage of this interest from the Russians, Chinese, Angolan, and German, to make money with those who visit us.

6. Men’s Gift Store – If you have several male friends, you must have had one or several times when you spent enough time thinking about what you could offer your friends. A store with products just for this audience is good business in big cities.

7. Shopping Center for individuals – Several people do not have time to shop or do not know where to find products at the best price. For this reason, if you manage to create a portfolio of loyal customers at your service, in addition to making more money, you will also be able to negotiate better prices with suppliers.

8. Sell ‚Äč‚ÄčExperiences – During the holidays’ people like to do different things. Walk in the mountains, discover the country, ride a helicopter, drive a super car or ride a watercraft. There are several possibilities. Get in touch with service owners of this type and create easy-to-sell packages.

9. Bicycle Repair – More and more people are riding bicycles. Whether to lose a few pounds, go to work or travel with friends, this market is growing at a good pace. Incorporate a service of repair and assembly of bicycles in the big cities, where the movement of bicycles is enormous.

10. Fruit and vegetable production – Despite strong competition from countries specializing in the production of fruit and vegetables, there is currently a market for the production of fruits and vegetables without the use of fertilizers that are harmful to health.

11. 100% domestic products – Producing at home is increasingly an opportunity, not only because the time and cost of transportation, to bring the product to the consumer is lower, but also because there is quality assurance.

12. Solar Energy Production – Energy is a service we all use, and it is very necessary to make everything work. For this reason, it is a good investment to purchase material needed for the production of solar energy. Opt for this type of investment in areas where sun exposure is high, otherwise, the return time will be higher.

13. Electric Vehicle Rental – In the center of large cities visited by tourists, there are several opportunities to make money. One such opportunity is the rental of electric vehicles such as the Renault Twizy or Segway. The price charged per rental can be high, compared to traditional car hire vehicles, as it is a short-term rental – just for a few hours.

14. Selling regional products – There are certain regions that produce and are known for some of the most popular foods and with an excellent taste. Take advantage of local recognition to sell domestically or abroad.

15. Event Company – More and more people like going to different events, for this reason, they are willing to pay more for an event than staying at home. Have good conditions and present an innovative program. These companies can hold all kinds of events: nightclubs, concerts, animation, among other things.

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