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11 Most Profitable Businesses in Mexico

11 Most Profitable Businesses in Mexico – Where to Invest

Take the context, Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America, the fourth on the continent and the fourteenth in the world, which makes the country a suitable investment ground. It has an autonomous monetary policy, a flexible exchange rate, sound public finances and a robust financial system. It offers macroeconomic stability and low inflation; Has a large domestic market and has a high rate of economic growth; in addition, it has young and highly qualified human capital. In general, these conditions enable a large number of opportunities to start a profitable business in Mexico. If all of the above sounds interesting, I invite you to consider the following proposals.

1.- Private educational centers

Mexicans have a high level of education and specialization and maintain these priorities to train their children. This situation opens up a cavity for the opening of private schools, ranging from nurseries to high schools. Another mode that is growing as foam, is distance education through the internet because it represents good savings and comfort for users. This is an excellent business opportunity to generate stable income since it is a service highly demanded by society.

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2.- Repair and sale of smart phones

Mexico ranks seventh as an exporter of smartphones worldwide. We are talking about that it is an expensive product and that the majority of the population owns at least one. But like all technological products, they tend to be delicate and tend to be damaged. This generates an opportunity for entrepreneurship, to offer the service of repair and sale of these used products. Without the doubt, a business that predicts a lot of profitability.

3.- Home delivery service

This is an attractive service that is much demanded by people who are close to commercial areas and offices. Offering this service, under a balanced meal concept, will be welcomed by the users. In addition, it is easy to establish, since no infrastructure investment is required, because you can start it from your home, keeping the focus of expanding through a local, in the short and medium term. If you are looking for profitability, this may be a good start.

4.- Taxi service for pets

This business provides a solution for those families looking to transport their pet somewhere and do not have a vehicle to do so. This is a venture that does not require a high investment and, in turn, offers an appetizing performance. You need only a vehicle large enough, adapted for any type of pet, and sympathy for animals.

5.- Car washing

Mexico is the eighth largest producer and exporter of cars in the global environment, making it a sector that generates many options for entrepreneurs who know how to take advantage of the great flow of vehicles in the country. As is well known, this is one of the most profitable typical businesses in Mexico. Demand has grown significantly in recent years and represents a viable option to invest.

6.- Houses for rent

The population of Mexico surpasses 120 million people and that generates a high demand for residences. The rent comes to meet the needs of a significant number of people who do not have the means to acquire a home. It is a growing business and looks especially attractive and profitable, in small cities that are expanding at a higher rate, such as Queretaro, Saltillo or Pachuca.

7.- Care of the image

Every year, not only in Mexico but all over the world, people spend billions of dollars in image care; From image consultants, make-up artists, to plastic surgeries. It does not require much investment to start a business in this area, some business ideas of low investment and excellent performance can be: sale of alternative creams, facials, massage and image consultant. If you are attracted to this area, you must take advantage of the opportunities offered by this large market to generate good income.

8.- Services for elderly people

Studies indicate that in the next 10 years, some cities in Mexico will reach 20% of the population in advanced age. This is a phenomenon that is already happening in Europe, where the average age of its population is 50 years. Here are many business opportunities to exploit. Investors are already considering this demand and recommend creating services-based businesses for this group of people, such as: specialized hotels for seniors, contemporary-themed restaurants, and bars, or a gym for body rehabilitation and relaxing massages. Anticipate that boom and be one of the first to benefit from this type of business that will prove to be very profitable.

9.- Specialized clinics in diabetes and heart disease

The two most common diseases in the Mexican population are diabetes and heart disease. For those medical students, or doctors already graduated, this is one of the fields with the most demand, which can be used to create a profitable business in Mexico, through openings of specialized clinics, alternative medicine shops, and prevention treatments.

10.- Health/fitness centers for companies

According to UN figures, a third of Mexicans suffer from obesity. This situation opens up an opportunity for entrepreneurship in the area of health and fitness, being able to develop and manage fitness centers for companies at a competitive price. Even if the company provides the space, the necessary equipment will involve considerable expense, yet it turns out to be an opportunity that ensures excellent performance.

11.- Mobile destruction service

Taking into account a large number of cases of identity theft, it is of great importance for companies to destroy all documents containing sensitive information. You can take advantage of this demand and save time and companies, offering the service of the destruction of documents in the premises of the client. This can be a venture that offers a relevant profitability and low investment.

If you have already identified with any of these options, make the decision and start as soon as possible to multiply your capital by investing wisely in one of the 11 most profitable businesses in Mexico.

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