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100 money management Idea for freelancers 2017

How to money management Idea for freelancers 2017

Either for lack of time or for oversight, small everyday expenses can undermine our benefits at the end of the month and, although there are bills that are difficult to reduce, there is always scope for savings.

When you are already quoted by the minimum base, go to your appointments with customers on a bicycle or seek to minimize your expenses of ‘representation’, such as lunches away from home, it seems that there are few more places than you can ‘scratch’ to improve your results at the end of the month, right? In reality, there are always expenses that can be evaluated continuously with the intention of reducing them to the maximum. And it’s not about depriving yourself of anything, but paying exactly what you need. Let’s review some examples.

Deductible expenses and work space

Are you sure you are clear all the expenses that you can deduct from your work activity as an autonomous? There may still be some invoice that you do not have controlled and do not know that can just as an expense of your daily work. For example, if you are one of those who works from your home, you may want to take a look at the expenses that you can deduct from it.

Precisely in relation to your fixed expenses, the office is usually one of the bulkiest, and it should not have to be, especially if you are a professional who does not need a specific place to work and can adapt to different environments. In that case, you may be interested in looking for an alternative to the traditional office, such as co-working spaces. There are many advantages to working in one of these offices of the 21st century, but before deciding on one or the other, make sure they are for you since not all self-employed feel comfortable working in these types of spaces.

The services you need, in the right amount

Do you have 5 GB of data on your mobile phone when at the end of the month you have used at most 1 GB? In your office, you have contracted a power of energy that you will never really use? There are a good handful of services that as autonomous you pay on a monthly basis and whose rate you could reduce if you only noticed what you consume, in relation to what you pay. The case of the mobile phone is very representative, it is frequent to contract a volume of data – or calls – that you never get to consume. In these situations, it is essential to evaluate your needs and adjust your rates to what you need, no more or less.

In relation to this point, it should be noted that many companies offer specific rates for self-employed. It is not enough to take a look and compare different services because that is another key: using all the information available on the internet, such as compactors or search engines, can help you choose the best quality-price service for you.

Digitize all your efforts

At present, there are numerous administrative steps you can do comfortably from home, without the need for travel that cost you time and money. And the same goes for your daily dealings with customers, from budgeting to invoicing. Why not investigate the digitization of your daily tasks?

A good adviser is not an expense, it is an investment

It may be that hiring a consultant who takes all the taxation related to your activity as a freelancer can sound to you to spend, but on many occasions, these professionals can help us to save money and, mainly, time. Are you the ones who have very clear all your numbers or need to spend hours and hours so that everything fits you and not send to Hacienda inaccurate information? Think about the time you spend on this type of bureaucratic paperwork and whether you pay to get rid of them.

The organization is everything

We have left for the end the most important point of all. As a freelancer, it is important that each week you spend some time analyzing your expenses, to see what your money is going and how you can maximize savings. In this sense, a very common mistake among the self-employed is to make every effort to increase their turnover and to forget, to a large extent, the expenditure chapter.

Fortunately, there are numerous applications that help you manage your daily expenses, such as the application for mobile phones, which helps you break down your numbers, manage your accounts and cards, contact your manager …

In short, an autonomous one of your tasks is to know perfectly what your fixed expenses are and which are those that you can minimize without resenting your day today. Worth the effort.

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